info on maiden dvd

Hmm. I was kind of hoping Kevin Shirley wouldn't have anything to do with the live stuff - I didn't care for the two live albums I've heard him do, namely Dream Theater's "Once in a Livetime" and Journey's "Greatest Hits Live".

Oh well - better than Steve producing by himself, right? :)
Shirley not only wrecked Dream Theater's Once In A Live Time, but he also managed to wreck their Scenes From A Memory album. I've heard the backing to Mike Portnoy's latest video and it is not mixed by Shirley and you can hear so much more. It sounds heaps better.
Basically I hope he improves out-of-sight .
Holy poo!

Did anyone see how much is charging for the Met 2 DVD? $60.95! I can order it from CDnow and, after the little bit of credit I have and after postage, it will only cost me $AU38!

It's apparently all regions from CDnow, too, even though it says it's only in Region 1 for US and Canada.