jhva elohim t-shirt, anyone?


i breathe to memories
Apr 22, 2005
anyone interested in buying this shirt?
i bought it time ago with intention of making a girlie out of it but i gave up doing so and came to the conclusion such a shirt deserves being worn and not laying miserably in a box.
it’s brand new and was never worn. size S.
i'm not interested in making extra money out of it (as some dudes *ahem* who collect multiple copies of the same thing just in order to sell them later on for stellar prices... fuck that) .
i’m asking just the price i’ve paid for it (€ 25) + postage fees (which will depend on where you live and how you want the shirt to be shipped: registered, insured, ‘normal’, etc.).
i’d also be willing to trade it for something, eventually.

here’s the shirtie: