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Mar 31, 2003
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Jungle Rot - Darness Foretold
Crash Music - CMU61165 - Feb. 7, 2006
by Amanda J. Carlson

Darkness Foretold is an EP originally released in 1998 with a Jungle Rot comic book. It’s been out of print until now, as Crash Music has re-released it for fans of this hardcore death metal band. The EP contains three cover songs (Sodom's "Agent Orange," Slayer's "Fight 'Til Death," Carnivore's "Jesus Hitler"), the title track which was back then considered a new song, and three live tracks. Looking into their past work as well as the track titles for their upcoming studio album, one theme is clear: the death and gore of war. A timely topic.

Of the three cover songs, I’m only vaguely familiar with one, "Agent Orange." Even so, I can’t make a comparison to say whether or not they did justice to the originals. The style in which they play them does lead well into that of their own songs; very low, dark, fast riffs and the epitome of 'cookie monster' vocals. "Darkness Foretold" shows some progressive tendencies as they jump around from a slow groove to thrash with growls smoothly. It’s not the shock that some unskilled bands throw at you in their attempts to do a little of everything. Their tightness carries on into the live tracks, too; I’d say they’re a decent live band.

I’m really surprised I don’t hate this album. This type of death metal is usually not my thing by any stretch, but Jungle Rot held my interest. The production is rough, the vocals too low and grumbly for my taste, but they’re tight and know how to put a song together. Fans of Sodom and the like should give them a try.


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