Katatonia in studio


Jan 20, 2002
Atlanta, Georgia
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I just visited Deadsite and there was some very good news. Katatonia have entered the studio and the 6th album is on the way.

This is from Deadsite's news section:
"Yesterday Katatonia entered a very exquisite studio, located just outside Stockholm, in which they will remain for the next 4 weeks to record their yet untitled 6:th album. 15 tracks are to be recorded and the drumtracks are currently being put down."
Man i am so stoked, I cant even hardly wait. I just know its gonna kick my sorry azzzz....:D
I am just soooooo cool..
After looking at the pic form the deadsite, i am pretty shure that i have recorded a demo in that studio...
shure looks the same annyhow =)
[dream]me and Katatonia in the same studio...... [/dream]