Katatonia Kopy Kats :p

Hypnos said:
I gave them up after 'Draconian Times' and the downfall of this once great band peaked in the pile of crape called 'Host'. After that it couldn't get worse but the other following albums suck though. So to say, while gems like 'Gothic' will find their place in the anals of doom history, crap like 'Host' can be found where it belongs, namely in the ANALS...
The words may be harsh and collides with others' tastes, but that's just my humble opinion.

Concerning PL live. Ive seen them twice, last time in 2002 on the Summer Breeze and while the rest of the band tried to give a good show to the audience, Mr. Holmes the rock star sucked big time. He even went to the back of the stage several times, hid behind the drumkit and sounded so bored and fucked up that he ruined the whole gig.

And btw, I'd rather go with no 'As I Die' than to get 'As I Die' in the new bullshit version they use to play nowadays.
Well, as I just posted above concerning Cerulean's disposition on the matter, I certainly respect your freedom to hate PL now. Granted Host did not have the crunchy Mackintosh guitar that most PL fans had come to know and love by that point, the overwhelming depression and bittersweet melodies are still there. I didn't like the album at first either, but it grew on me since I was able to still find all of the PL trademark sounds. As far as them performing live goes, I would have to agree with your perception of Nick Holmes. He was definitely the weak point of the band, forgetting or even repeating lyrics. And even after meeting him after the show, he seemed to have this rock star attitude that kind of pissed me off. I still love the band though, as all the other guys put on a great set, and were most affable after the fact, namely Aaron and Lee.
I'd say that "A perfect circle" and Tool" are similar to the latest Katatonia, but actually is Katatonia that is influenced by this bands and not the contrary...I wonder if these bands know who are Katatonia...