Bands for a katatonia fan

i agree, they make really touching music, was quite impressed as i've discovered them a year or so ago, have got even a shirt of their first merchandise pressing ;)
Drynwhyl said:
since here were mentioned bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and Red House Painters i would definitely recommend a great emo/noise/rock band - Sometree. there're three full songs on their homepage. (

a big thanks to passenger for the tip!
oh yes they sound good, i've just checked out two songs on the link you mentioned!!!!

Deliverance6, yes ISOLA is one of my favourite Kent album, nice to see you liked it!
Deliverance6 said:
I find that there are few bands that make me feel like katatonia does, but here are mine.
Porcupine tree
Red house painters
jeff buckley
Arab strap (sometimes)

I especially recommend red house painters for depression and loss of relationships etc. Youll want to kill yourself eventually, its good fun.

What a weird kind of fun...
Yes weird fun....

Please don't joke about suicide especially in these days...a person I knew committed suicide a few days ago and I'm still upset. He was only 25.
Hello everyone.
This is my new band. I don't exactly set out to sound like anyone but Katatonia is a major influence. The name of the band is Neon Sun Disorder. Check out the site and download a 30second sample of one of our songs. It might take a while if you don't have a fast connection. Check out the message forum anyway and be in with the chance to win a FREE EP.

Just give it a try...please!
I need a much bigger sample if i should be able to say much about your music. It sounded messy, but still pretty interresting.
it's only 8 hours that l ve been listening isola album of kent..
and it really embraces me too.. definetly suggested..
there's a song called bianca.. i thought..

you may easily start murmuring katatonia after listening to any song..
try "glider"..
(iiit's a fine day..) or the very beginning of the song smells very much darker side of katatonia..
all songs seem similar but listen very closely..
I don't think anyone mentioned Celestial Season. I know their music was of great help to me in my down times. Seems like a depresive sounding music had an uplifting effect on me. I recommend albums "Forever Scarlet Passion" and "Solar Lovers" in that order.
Too much bands that resemble old katatonia. But i guess the new stuff is just more unique...
Incase you REALLY love Doom Metal:
Shape Of Despair

Also Salem's album "A Moment Of Silence" is pretty doomish
Dan Swano
October Tide
Orphaned Land (Doomish Albums: "Sahara", "The Beloveds Cry", "El Norra Alila", Deather Albums: "Mabool")
The Entity