A serious 'bands like Katatonia' thread.

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Isn´t their name "Lacrimas Profundere"? Very Anathema-like, but beautiful.

Are they the band with the black and white covers and the clown 'mascot'?
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No, that's Lacrimosa :)
It seems Don Corleone mixed them up accidentally.
(Lacrimas... <-> Lacrimosa)

thanks for pointing that out, my dying groom, yes evidently i mixed them up, but both are great: lacrimosa and lacrimas profondure...

and my prescription should be more than enough for everyone! ;)
I really think Katatonia has their own sound & songwriting style, but bands that are similar or exhibit similar emotions are:

Antimatter (AWESOME!)
Paradise Lost - "Icon", "Draconian Time", "One Second", "Believe in Nothing" & "Host"
My Dying Bride
Tiamat - "Wildhoney", "A Deeper Kind of Slumber" & "Skeleton Skeletron"
In the Woods
the Gathering
the Tea Party
Lacuna Coil
Porcupine Tree
A Perfect Circle
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Antimatter (AWESOME!)

Absolutely. They're the new thing for me! I've had 'Saviour' for about 3 months now, maybe longer, and I love it. I can't wait for the new one. I think it's going to be called 'Lights Out' or something like that.
nothing really new to add, just really want to add my vote for thegathering, also tiamat and jeff buckley, some keith caputo/life of agony, that sort of thing... and about the 'shame what tiamat became...' ah man... that's harsh, honestly i'd have to put skeleton/skeletron as my favorite tiamat album, and probably judas christ second... great lyrics, great songs - imho, at least. i just find the songs more interesting and able to be paid attention to than some of the earlier stuff, although i do love all the tiamat i've heard (incidentally one of the first non-mainstream metal bands i heard... saw the video for cold seed (the band in a cage with evil cheerleaders - classic :p) on some random metal show, loud i think it was, and was hooked) ... sorry to get off topic tho... i know i'm pretty mainstream compared to you guys, but that's just me... a random band i'd recommend, fairly similar flavor to kata, altho less metal, more cure-y, is crushreality - random local band that my mom has a friend in, try some of the stuff at http://www.crushreality.com

sorry this got so long and offtopic, its just late
uh, no one mentioned THROES OF DAWN or FALL OF THE LEAFE. while not exactly like katatonia, these two create great melancholic atmospheres. good stuff for the downtrodden.

throes of dawn - binding of the spirit
fall of the leafe - august wernicke and fermina
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Hey Mad Tinus,i just saw you were listening to Sentenced new album. So tell me,what is it like?
There's some good songs, my faves until now are "Cross My Heart And Hope To Die", "Blood And Tears" (great! u can download it from Century Media website!) and "Brief Is The Light".

I just bought it last weekend and played it maybe like 5 times now (got more new CD's), but for now I'd say I liked Crimson better. It's a bit of a return to "Frozen" here and there, but some new elements as well. Worth buying if you're a Sentenced fan (which I am).
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Just found RAPTURE on mp3.com, extremely good stuff, a MUST listen for Katatonia fans, those guitars weep, cry, lament, brrrrr... :cry: :cry:

Go to www.mp3.com/futile

Great vocals too, so full of pain... I have already ordered the CD...

I said it, I said it......
Why didn´t you guys hear this group the first time I said it in this forum, several months ago? :Smug:

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I said it, I said it......
Why didn´t you guys hear this group the first time I said it in this forum, several months ago? :Smug:

I know you said it, I know you said it...
I just wanted to let people know they were on MP3.com so they can check them out! :D
Man, I just downloaded some Rapture (thanks, MadTinus!), and fuck, this is awesome! Listening to 'Futile' right now, banging my head to it (luckily it's a soft part at the moment so I can type :D), and also listened to 'About Leaving'. Damn this is cool. Gonna have to buy this ASAP. :eek: