Bands Like Katatonia

Slumber is absolutely awesome. Is the new album coming out in 2009 or have they totally ended the band or something?

They are really, REALLY good! I bought Fallout a couple of months ago <3
And I've heard that they are currently working on their upcoming album. The reason why it isn't here yet is because they are really working to make it as good as it can be. Oh, and they are going to change their name I think. Don't know why though.
This is from their myspace:

" 11 apr 2008, 09:00

Another blog in the wall

It pains me to write to you now and not be able to say that we are finished.
It's now obvious to me that free music in its essence does not follow or react to deadlines and pressure. It has its own view of time and space.
So far it has been pointless estimating how much more the album completion will take.

We are still in great war with the album. Us involved know that we are very close now. Close to something... fuck dear I say it ?... someting NEW.
We are giving this album EVERYTHING we are. Rise or fall, no inbetweens.

More updates will happen now that we are closing in. Coming up soon is the demo of the album wich we will put out here on myspace for a brief period of time."
i don't believe that noone has mentioned about 'the provenance'.they sound like katatonia but they have their own style.also cult of luna is a very good choice.

ps:h8 tool :)
meh, not really similar to Katatonia but very good none the less. there should be more of those post-rock/sludge bands who actully dare to deal some extremity. "Echoes" might be the most dynamic song I've heard. Buildup (L)
Just listened Anathema's Hindsight for the first time and oh my god.. One Last Goodbye gives me the shivers up my rectum
Hey paradiselostforever! You have an incredible list of bands but i don't know if you know but this forum is for bands SIMILAR to Katatonia! You said 50 bands but nothing in your list is a little bit like Katatonia! an exemple: MEW it's a joke? If mew is like Katatonia i'm going to suicide right now!!!! Anathema, Monokromia, Cardamon are a little bit like Katatonia but the suggestions you said are not good sorry....
I have been searching for bands similar to Katatonia yet I have failed to find any. I know Katatonia is not exactly like any other band and they have their own identity. Besides Opeth what are some other bands that are similar to Katatonia in both the music and vocals.

P.S. Where can I pick up a new copy of Tonight's Decision?

Go on btjunkie you can find the entire discography on any torrent sites! I have the album if you want it i can send it to you!