Bands Like Katatonia

Pandora just followed up a new Katatonia song (from NITND) with "Change" by Deftones...I am surprised by how bleak and depressing this song is...may have to look into this album (White Pony)...
White Pony is their best record, but also anything post that is worth checking out.

Here's some standout dark atmospheric tracks to get you started:

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My band Rainshadow have our new album coming out shortly. Here's a track from it.

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"Enochian Theory" have been compared to Katatonia and Opeth, the band also got high praise from Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree). Check them out online, lots comes up when you google them.

I hear they also have a new animated short film coming out soon, cant wait for that.. and a new album. Their last one "Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio" was amazing. - is their website

and there is a promo video on youtube

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