Katatonia influenced bands

Katatonia and Anathema are by far my two favourite bands too. Although I obviously love both bands, I wouldn't say they are particularly similar... although the emotions I feel from both are fairly similar.
Crowhead are a band i heard recently who i thought sounded a lot like katatonia...i dont know anything about them though....

edit: ok one of the members was/is (?) in Ragnarok...and you can d/l some mp3s from their (admittedly rather shit) website here.
well you could try sabrina, but 'be warned' that they have a female vocalist.
autumnblaze isn`t that bad either, but they could be better.
and björn`s band, in spiritside dreaming is an extremely good band i whole heartedly recommend, for they have one of the best vocalists around (my opinion).
and for those who haven`t really listened to anathema yet, shoo and buy their latest cd now! you have no idea what you`re missing...
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