A serious 'bands like Katatonia' thread.

Yeah, Rapture is very good. It has been quite a while since I last found anything interesting.
The last discovery was Saturnus - a band that I definitely recommend.

Also try Lost In Tears - it's a band I had found a long time ago, years before I found Katatonia, but they have just now released a full-leght album. Quite unknown and underground finnish band.
Try Lost Treasure and Angel for example. They can be found on mp3.com.
Official site is http://www.lostintears.com

Of course Anathema, Paradise Lost.
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Man, I just downloaded some Rapture (thanks, MadTinus!), and fuck, this is awesome! Listening to 'Futile' right now, banging my head to it (luckily it's a soft part at the moment so I can type :D), and also listened to 'About Leaving'. Damn this is cool. Gonna have to buy this ASAP. :eek:
Yer welcome! Futile is my fave song on the CD I think, I love the guitarmelody and I really like the vocals too, really intense.
there´s no band like old katatonia!

some parts of agalloch songs remind me of katatonia, the paragon of beauty-song "seraphine... " (mcd) is sort of katatonia style and bethlehem have great leads like katatonia (but shitty lyrics, hehe...) but there´s no band comparable to the gods!!!
I agree, Agalloch is one of helluva band... Can't believe they're from USA... Well, they have Morgion also, but still. And the new album is coming, can't wait it...
And because I'm selfish bastard: check out the Agalloch interview and the review of "Of Stone, Wind and Pillor" in address