King Diamond

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Apr 14, 2001
Anyone here into King Diamond? I never really got into Mercyful Fate but I just heard some King Diamond tracks and they rocked.

Can anyone recommend some albums? :)
I wish they would give the poor guy his nuts back though......

Have you heard the first track on "Them"?

"Graaaaaaaaaaaaannnnndmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" Too weird.
Cool thanks!! :)

What's the "Mercyful Fate/A Dangerous Meeting" album he did in 1992? Is it an album of him redoing MF songs?
It's actually a collection of Mercyful Fate and King Diamond songs spliced on to one cd. King Diamond is one of my all time favourite bands, Conspiracy is the timeless classic, followed by Abigail. Nothing can beat the final solo on the Abigail album for sheer classiness.

I've pretty much learnt every single note those guys play, and at the rate King goes through guitarists I reckon I'll be in the line-up by 2010. :)
Many of the one type?

I still feel they should give the King back his crown jewels.
:lol: :lol:

This was from ages ago! Don't think I need the advice anymore lol.

Personally Conspiracy is my favourite. And I also really like The Spider's Lullabuy coz its really catchy and The Graveyard even though everyone hates that!
I have "Them" but I'm not sure if I ever finished listening to it. I really have no affection whatsoever for Mr Diamond's vocals - quite ridiculous, in fact. A pity, cos I quite like the storylines of his albums (from what I can remember reading about them in Kerrang! and Metal Hammer back in the late 80s/early 90s, or whenever it was).
"Them" is overrated I think but still pretty good. It doesn't have as much atmosphere as the later albums. Needs more keyboards, more variation, catchier songs, and less thrashiness.

I like The Graveyard more than Them. And most people love Them and hate The Graveyard, weird.