less than 800 seats sold for Champaign IL show

remington69 said:
That seems normal seeing that Champaign is a college town surrounded by miles and miles of corn and soy.

When I was going to school in Chambana (way back in '03), there weren't many metal heads on campus. A lot of people into either Dave Matthews or indie rock.
I know and it makes me sick!
Assembly Hall Marketing Department told Metal Express Radio that night that it ended up being about 1,500 tickets. That's what I'm going to publish in our review. I was one of 3 photographers for the show.

I think the small crowd effected the band's energy level. :cry:
yea me and the guys doing the meet and greet talked to the marketing people also since they were the ones keeping an eye on us while we waited for the tour manager for the meet and greet I guess they needed 2000 to break even so sadly that show they made shit I think Anthrax just needs to do a headlining tour again ASAP that is totally where they make their money
MichiMikey said:

Hey, hey, hey! If my ass was still on campus, there would've been 3K in those seats!

Plus, it didn't help that the show was in the middle of the week, so people (like me) who live in the Chi-town area couldn't make it.