Review of SYL show at the GALAXY in Santa Ana CA. 5/19/2002


Jun 14, 2002
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I had posted this on another devy board i have been visiting.. figure i would put it here for your perusal ::

K...... THE SHOW WAS AMAZZZZING.. once SYL came on that is... I tell ya, the 3 bands I had to listen to up until Strapping came on was pure torture.. one of them wasnt soooooo bad.. they were called prototype.. yngvie style guitar sort of.. melodic.. ...

but.. lets start at the begining, I get there early with my stepbrother (11yrs younger than me).. its around 6:45PM. I walk in the door,(brother is in the car Shmokn a bowl) turn to the right.. and there is DEV I walk up .. shake his hand.. and he is DEV.. and he is friendly as hell.. tottaly down to earth, I ask if he has the time or the inclanation to sign all my project discs and he says NP... I buy a Tshirt ($25) and I run back out to the car and Tell my Bro that DEV is hanging out just inside. I bring in Terria, Physisicst, Official bootleg, Ocean Machine, Punky Bruister, City, Heavy as a Real Heavy Thing, and Live in Australia.. and he signs them all on the front cover.... I of course want to Scream at this point because i left INfinity at the house... i had thought it was in the car allready... so .. anyhow.. my bro has come in and i introduce him to dev. and he buys a shirt and we are all bullshitting.. ...

here is the part that KILLLLLLLLS MEEEEEEEe... i brought along a digital/web camera .. and i have never really used the thing.. i bought it to have a web cam.. but have never really gotten into the whole web cam thing.... anyhow.. dev and I are posing for the picture.. we have our hands in the traditional METAL sign \m/ and I amSTOKED... then.. the camera doesnt take the picture.. .. .so i try to figure out what is wrong with it .. and dev is kooo and we pose again for pic... and again it doesnt work... =[

so i say fuck it.. then jed walks up .. and I shake his hand.. and he is koo as hell.. and then I see Byron walking around.. .. all to sureal.. heh... soooooo i am just kinda hangin by the tshirts with the guys and listening to other peoples questions getting answered, asking some of my own.. Dev says the new SYL should be out by earliest october.. latest perhaps DEC. .. and I say ROCKTOBER.. and we laugh.. then I ask why he didnt bring more merchandise (only had shirts) and he says OUR COUNTRY SUX.. thats why.. hehe.. says that a new law just passed that prohibits him bringing more across the boarder.. sooo we start talking about the U S of A for a bit.. and Dev says... YEAH .. YOUR FUCK OF A PRESIDENT IS THREATNING CANADA SAYING WE HAVE RECOURCES THAT AMERICA NEEDS AND THAT AMERICA WILL HAVE THEM ONE WAY OR ANOTHER... i of course had not heard this statement and dev says that ... well I wouldn't hear that type of thing... Sooooo then dev says .. ONE OF THESE DAYS WE ARE GOING TO COME DOWN THERE IN A TROJAN BEAVER AND ATTACK .. at this point dev realizes that he has struck gold with this comment and we all laugh he turns to JED and he says he will have to get that into a song somewhere.....(dev later told the crowd that SYL was to be the Predominant METAL band of the next couple years and uses the TROJAN BEAVER reference.. hehhe) more things were discussed the next funniest thing was that this bleached blond bimbo with obvious fake tits comes throught the door in a cut off wife beater and very hard nipps... we all observe... and i mention that it must be pretty damn cold out there... we all start laughing and she comes over to the table and i am trying not to stare directly at her investments.. and i am failing.. i look around and notice that everyone is failing in this.... hhehehe.. she says something stupid .. wondering if SWINE was selling merchandise..and we all say that we do not have a clue.. she walks off and we all look at each other as if to say... fake boobs are gross but interesting.

sooooo I decide that i have been under these guys heels enough..and i say how much I am looking forward to the show.. and i head off to the stage area.....

this club is pretty killer.. it has a rather small floor.. but has seats and tables that go around the room like an old time theater.. about 6 tiers... we get a seat on the first tier and order some drinks and some nachos.. and then GENE comes out from the behind the stage door.. and i yell out that GENE is the man.. and he smiles and continues walking.. some older people show up .. (turn out to be Gene's parents.. I flash the metal sign at them and scream METAL.. hehe.. the first gig starts soon after and it is noise... SWINE.. ugh... half way through the set i go back out and kick it with DEV.. the next band is prototype.. and they are not quite so bad.. I could probably get into their music if i allowed it to grow on me... The next band comes out SHIVA.. and they just downright suck nads.. DEV comes out to watch the first song.. and retreats half way through it.. .. these guys are trying to be deftones..and it is just sickning... they seem to have a local following and are playing to the crowd.. and i am screaming out STRAAAAAAPPPIIIINNNNGGG!!!!!! that band finishes up and i am gettttting ammmpd..


SYL FUCKN ROCKD.. the set was the same as posted by Nefboy...


I have always wondered why Dev screams out "get down there and suck my buddies COCK" during OMFG on the live in australia disc... well.. now i know. I am moshing around .. there are really only about 5 of us actually moshing.. and it is pretty friendly moshing.. but the security isnt having any of it... this one guy in particular is really busting my balls.. and then OMFG comes on .. and i am dripping sweat .. so i take my shirt off.. and this guy chases me down.. and makes me put it back on... right after i get my shirt back on.. (and I am DRIPPING at this point) ... The music wanes.. and DEV says... WHO GETS IT!!.. .. and then SNAOP!!! i understand!!!! and i point to this security guy.. .. and i go .. THIS GUY RIGHT HERE!!!!!..


i could have died and gone to heaven right then and there.. ....hehehehehehehhehehehehehheehe... I will never forget that as long as i fuckn live.

the new songs all sounded great.. very much like CITY for the most part.. IMO... I had such an awsome time .. and am soooo glad that it was a close and personal small show.. rather than a impersonal arena show...

OOOOOOOHHHHH.. almost forgot.. during the last bands set b4 SYL.. I went up to the front.. and JED was hanging at the merchandise counter.. I go up and tell him I would like to buy the band a round before they went on.. he says that he would go for a shot of Bourbon.. soooo.. right as they went on .. I handed JED a shot of Jack Daniels.. down it went.. and then.. VELVET started.. .. it was DOPE!!!.. heh...

I had also told DEV at the begining of the eve. that I would be honoured to smoke this FUCKN CHRONIC that i had with him he said HELLZ yeah... buuuuuuuuuut... after the show .. i waited and waited and waited.. but he never materialized...... after about an hour.. i left.. a bit disgruntled.. but none the less very satisfied...

I really cannot put into wordz how much i enjoyed the evening.. .. if only my camera worked that night.. ... of course .. two days later... i figured out that the camera works fine... the problem was this.. the stupid knob on the front.. that on most cameras is for focusing.. needs to be all the way to the right.. till it clicks... if only I had known this at the show.. i could have provided some live shotz.. and .. i would have had my pic with DEV.


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posted May 23, 2002 15:03
I wanted to add that DEV is great to watch live as was jed and byron GENE FUCKN OWNED .... i mostly was kinda lost in my own little world with my favorite soundtrack playing.. air guitaring, singing thrashing, shrieking out the lyrics.. heh.

as they finished the set .. i single handedly brought them back out.. .. i swear if it wasnt for me there would not have been enough noise to warrant their return.. ( the crowd.).... finally i screamed out .. CMON DEV U PUUUUSSSYYY .. and that brought them back out.. hehehe.. i cannot remember his comment to that .. but it was funny.. and he said some other very funny tounge in cheek things that i cannot remember now.. the encore .. detox and far beyond metal.... just fukcn tore the roof off of the place... a couple memories i will always have ..

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posted May 23, 2002 15:16


What was your take on the new songs?

Glad that you had an awesome time

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posted May 23, 2002 15:37
the new songs had a very CITY feel with one of them having a mellow guitar based interlude if i remember... DEV also seemed to flash riffs from Ocean machine at some point and i started yelling out ... TEASE TEASE YOU FUCKN TEASE ... => hehehehe

the new songs are something I will be looking forward to hearing again... hopefully sooner than october.. heh.
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posted May 23, 2002 17:11

Fear Factory lit the path with Demanufacture on how industrial metal should be played; SYL lay down the law

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posted May 27, 2002 03:04
Can't wait til they get back down here, as I haven't had the pleasure of seening them yet..

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A little story that I had forgotten to post just came to mind..hehehe...

While I was BS'n with Dev... I pointed at this scab on his forhead ... and said.... What's that DEV?? Occupational hazzard???.... AND HE SAYS... "NO MAN, I AM GOING BALD!" and we all laughed ..... then he said ... naw.. i banged it leaving the stage at the prior show (San diego.. the brick.. .. or something like that. ..hehehe...... anyhow.. that is a conversation that i will prolly always remember....

that and turning the corner upon entering ..and seeing DEVIN TOWNSEND selling T-Shirts... hehe..
This show did rock! Prototype sounded good (they had a stand-in drummer who did the parts very well on short notice) and I can't remember the other openers cuz I ran away. It was awesome to finally see DEVY!!!! ...again. :) Saw SYL at the CM anniversary party as well. It was cool, they always sound BIG live. \m/
hmmm..perhaps you remember seeing me.. hehehe..... i was the short haired blond guy with the long sleeve black SYL shirt on ..... during SYL i was in the middle of the floor.. which people left open so that myself and perhaps two other guys could move around ..... I was also the one that got dev. to tell the security guy that was givn me a hard time to "GET DOWN THERE AND SUCK MY BUDDIES COCK!!!...hahahaha... so fuckn classic.... I was the one yelling for them to come back out and trying to get everyone else to yell also.. and finally i yelled out ... HEY DEV YOU PUSSSSYYY.. CMON... heh.... Anyhow... that show KICKD AZZ... and it is nice to know that someone else that visits this board got to see it.
hahah, you're *that* guy?? dude, with all due respect and admiration, you're absolutely nuts!!! :p thanks for adding even more to the entertaining-ness of the evening ;) was indeed a great show, but too damn short! not much i can think to add to your review, sums everything up great...
@elric of melniboné (correct me if i'm wrong):
well, yours doesn't seem to be too bad either :)
although i recently went through that whole elric-thing once again and it really sucked hell because my translation is just crap... i hope it's better in english :)
actually, i found the name elric somewhere long before i ever read the melnibone books, and just started using the name for everything... really, the books are pretty cheezy in english, too... still tho, could be a lot worse :)
well its time SYL come back to play in montreal (quebec , canada)
this time , ill be there for sure.