Whats up with SYL ?


Aug 25, 2003
So..does anyone know what SYL's future is ? Byron's in Fear Factory and SYL. Jed is doing Tenet and I hear Gene is going to do Dark Angel stuff. I know SYL is doing a live dvd, is this part of Century Media Contract thing or is Devin writing another SYL disc ?

I hope he is writing a new DTB album and SYL album...that would rule. I would hate to see him drop either band ! If anyone knows anything......SPILL THE BEANS !
Crabby said:
Byron's just a temporary fill-in for FF for their Aussie tour,methinks he'll be back very,very soon anyway.

Not really sure about what you say here . Byron will be in the FF promo pics and cd pics, also from what I heard he will play with them after this tour .
Where's the problem anyway ? He also plays with ZH . He could play in ten bands including SYL .

However, that's true that all the guys are going to be busy, and Dev want sto focus on his solo stuff now ...

We'll see...
there was something in the news about an SYL mini-CD which would feature a couple of new songs and covers , preahps this is going to be yet a new sound for SYL (as every albums) and a glimpse of the style the next full record might have.
Byron is in both Strapping Young Lad and Fear Factory... someone on the SYL board emailed Christian Wolbers and got that reply.

As yet the Dark Angel reunion is nothing but a rumour, plus Jed and Byron have been doing Zimmers Hole for years now, and it didn't affect them playing on 'SYL' (the album).

If anything it's Dev who should be the concern. He's gone on record as saying that he doesn't know if he's got another album in him... plus he's got all the various producing he does.

So the upcoming DVD/ EP and rumoured book might be the last of SYL, might not.

I hardly think any of them are going to disappear off the metal radar at any rate.
notice that after every SYL albums Devy said it would be the last , therefore we can guess everytimes hes going to state this after a relase we can take the oposite for granted.