All right!!!!!!!!! Dev forum!!!

Pitiless Wanderer

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Jun 14, 2002
Salt Lake City, UT
Everyone else did it, so I thought I'd add my thoughts on the new Dev forum. Frankly, Mr Townsend's music is the only stuff Ive ever heard that really pushed my limits as a listener to go beyond just "hearing" the actually made me feel something. Songs from SYL like underneath the waves, through stuff on OM like Funeral to Infinity's Noisy pink bubbles to Physicist's Jupiter to Terria's deep peace really gave me a feeling I cant explain. Just spectacular music. Im 100% dev obsessed, and chances are Ill be here a lot now. I post at the dev forum at, but its a really small community. This will be better cuz there are so many of you to discuss. Dev rules, rock on, glad this forum is here.
indeed he is the genius. but i listen SYL slapping me in the face
with a strap and realise how this world is crappy (to quote devy : fuck you stupid human beings) thx to SYL.