LFDGD re-release

Yep, I really wonder how Peaceville is going to handle this. I like the four-fold-packaging and won´t trade it for a simple double cd, for example. Perhaps there'll be a special box for the discs, you never know... :confused:
isn't tonight's music already on LFDGD ?

It is, but it seems the single will feature two non-album tracks.

or have I got the re-release (bought it a week ago)?

According to Kata's homepage, the re-release is scheduled for October 22nd, so yours can't be "the real thing", actually.
Phew...you almost made me jealous :D
Yes Tonight's Music is on the original CD, the single will also be available as a single on it's own so you don't have to buy the album again. The single also has two new 'b' side tracks.