VE Single & B-Sides


dead soul
Jun 27, 2002
When Katatonia made LFDGD, Peaceville released 2(!) singles (Teargas E.P. and Tonight's Music) both with 2 B-Sides on them. Why not for Viva Emptiness? Weren't there 15 Tracks recorded? What about those 2 songs that are left? I think Anders said in an interview, that they're not enough of quality and he don't know what will happen to this material.

Maybe Peaceville plans to release VE as a digipak some day and adds those songs as bonus tracks like they did with TD. By the way, Evidence would make a perfect single for the new album.
I fucking hate singles.

what's the point?
include one song from the album, and then two "unreleased" ones, i don't get it, why not just include them in a full length album?
The point is: It's better to release them as a single, than NOT to release them. If some of you people don't like to buy the single, because of only 2 new songs, it is maybe ok, then download 'em. I would give support and buy it. Sulfur and March 4 were way worth to buy the Teargas E.P.!

It's about the length of an album. 15 Tracks or more than 60 minutes...?! Between 11 and 13 Tracks is the normal album length, I think. If they have more songs, they can choose the better ones, what should finally end up on the album.

Personally, i prefer digipaks more than jewelcase editions. Sure, the corners can really be fucked up after a longer time, but they're more special somehow, sometimes limited and most of them have extra songs or other bonus material on it.

Does anyone know the songtitles of these 2 left tracks? I can't remember if it was mentioned in older 'News'.