A couple Katatonia CD reissues coming soon...

Is a groove death metal bands if you now!

Mr. Flawedcoil, thank you for being a gentleman by replying to my post as the gentleman that you are, but I must inform you that you have the internet to search for the music you might enjoy. Your idea of what's enjoyable is simply too different from mine, so I got nothing to tell you.

Sorry for the inconviniences.
I just don't get how everyone here loves Anathema, yet I've suggest several bands that are more like Katatonia and no EVER comments on them, say they suck if you don't like them anyway. These are real atmosphereic space rock songs.....

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:lol: +1

i decided not to be a douche here and actually recommend some bands to you: amorphis, anathema, blackfield, novembre, nevermore

check them out and see if there's something you like :)

Yes! Great bands/great albums such as Skyforger, Alternative 4, Blackfield II, Novembrine Waltz, but don't know Nevermore too well.

@ Flawed Coil: I used to only like music with growls, everything else was too 'pussy' for me. Nowadays I pretty much like a little something from just about every genre of music. I only mention this because you are missing out on some great, emotional music if you make rules and avoid everything with growls. You really might find yourself enjoying a broader spectrum of music if you throw your preconceived notions out the window (but then again, who the hell am I to tell someone else what to like)?

I would also like to suggest Chicken Raping Midget Gophers, great band. Their song 'gargantuan anus, the dildo, and boner soup' is a classic.
Hmm, I need to see a HQ of NitND before passing judgement. I don't like the LFDGD cover at all. Besides being bland, it fails to capture the essence of despair like the original.
Yeah the LFDGD is pretty boring, still bought asap. Love Travis Smith and his work, adore Katatonia. Easy decision for my two favorite Kata records.
they both look like shit

in fact the NITND looks like someone used Microsoft paint and cut out an oval picture and inserted it in katatonia like artwork