What does your Katatonia collection consist of?

I don't have all the rarities some people have here...but that's because I haven't been following the band since the beginning. I guess that if in the early 90s I had known about Katatonia I would have a full collection now, included the "saw you drown" ep. But who knows, I haven't lost my hope to find the missing pieces...
My collection is poor:

Last fair deal gone down

Tonight's decision

Discouraged ones(vinyl)

and i have the french bootleg but that's not an official release so..
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OK, here´s my ultimate collection, everything is original.

*Jhva Elohim Meth...the Revival (original cd-version)
*Jhva elohim Meth...the Revival (blue vinyl signed by Jonas and Anders)
*Dance of December Souls cd (signed by Jonas and Anders)
*For Funerals to come mcd
*For Funerals to come vinyl
*W.A.R compilation cd
*Split with Primordial 10" vinyl
*Brave Murder Day cd
*Sounds of Decay mcd (original print)
*Saw You Drown mcd (signed by Jonas, Anders and Fred)
*Discouraged Ones cd
*Discouraged Ones gatefold vinyl
*Tonight´s Decision cd
*Tonight´s Decision cd with bonus tracks
*Teargas cdep (signed by the band)
*Last Fair Deal Gone Down cd
*Tonight´s Music cdep


*"Naked Woman" (old t-shirt signed by Jonas and Anders)
*Moonbride longsleeve
*Brave Murder Day longsleeve
*Discouraged Ones longsleeve
*Tonight´s Decision longsleeve
*Ain´t worth Livin´ t-shirt
*Logo t-shirt
*Transparent t-shirt
*Teargas t-shirt

Discouraged Ones, Tonight´s Decision & LFDGD posters, Katatonia lighter, guitar pic + some other stuff

+100 original photos of Katatonia.

I guess my collection is the ultimate one, or?
Great collection! It's good that such treasures are kept on Finnish soil :lol:
Hi! Just wanted to show you mine :)

Dance of December Souls
For Funerals to Come...
Brave Murder Day
Sounds of Decay
Discouraged Ones
Tonight's Decision (without bonus track :( )
Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Teargas EP
Tonight's Music EP

Discouraged Ones Long-sleeve

That's all!


And By the way I got two copies of both For Funeral to Come and Brave Murder Day, so if anyone want it mail me
mine has:

Brave Murder Day
Saw You Drown
Discouraged Ones
Tonight's Decision
Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Teargas EP
Tonight's Music EP
Hello Katatonics!!


Brave murder day/For Funerals To Come
Discouraged Ones
Tonight's Decision (re-release with 2 bonustracks)
Last Fair Deal Gone Down

sorry but the stuff that isn´t in the list I have them in
CD-R :yuk: :yell: , but am gonna order the new reissue of Dance of December Souls, the Jhva.. doesn´t exists in this world :mad:

I've got these;

For Funerals to Come

Tonight's decision

Last Fair Deal

Sounds of Decay

Brave Murder Day

I know...kinda wimpy...but I'm workin on it:p
ALBUMS (CD's and MC's)
- Dance Of December Souls CD
- For Funerals To Come CD
- Brave Murder Day CD
- Brave Murder Day+For Funerals To Come CD
- Brave Murder Day MC :)
- Sounds Of Decay CD
- Discouraged Ones CD
- Discouraged Ones MC :)
- Tonight's Decision CD
- Tonight's Decision +2 CD
- Teargas EP CD
- Last Fair Deal Gone Down CD
- Tonight's Music

- Live In Paris (Professional Bootleg From Taiwan)
- Live Norkoping (Professional Bootleg From Taiwan)

Unofficial Shirt (OLD Logo in White Front And Back) TS
Discouraged Ones TS
Tonights Decision TS
For Funerals To Come TS

Jhva Elhoim Meth...The Revival CD
Saw You Drown CD