katatonia collection

Alright, my Kata Funerals first print just arrived so here's my pic of my full collection (minus t-shirts).


I'm quite pleased with it, I have them opened up so the booklet and disc can be viewed. I'm proud that almost every single one of these is a first print if not every one, been collecting for a long time.

26 Katatonia cds, 2 October Tide. Not pictured: I also have Ayreon's 01011001 and Swallow the Sun's Hope cds. Phenomenal albums even if Jonas's voice was or was not on them.
Dance of December Souls
Brave Murder Day
Discouraged Ones
Tonight's Decision
Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Viva Emptiness
Black Sessions
The Great Cold Distance
Live Consternation
Night is the New Day

The Sun-t-shirt
The Longest Year -t-shirt

Jonas's and Anders's setlists from Ilosaarirock 2010
Jonas's signature
A bottle cap from Daniel's birthday champagne :D
A picture of Jonas and me (best moment in my life)
Discouraged Ones Digi CD
Tonight's Decision Digi CD
Last Fair Deal Gone Down Digi CD *expecting in mail
Viva Emptiness Digi CD
The Black Sessions 2CD/1DVD Box set
The Great Cold Distance Digi CD/DVD
The Great Cold Distance *Limited box version, expecting in mail
Deliberation CD single
My Twin CD single
Live Consternation CD/DVD signed by band
Night Is The New Day Digibook *Swedish edition
The Longest Year CD EP
Night Is The New Day Digibook *US tour edition
I didn't realize those Peaceville re-issues of their first 3 albums now come in those super-jewelcases. I've only seen the digipak versions, which is what I have.
Wow, my collection is rather basic compared to most peoples'. I like to have as many songs as possible on as few retail cds as possible (which is why I am still waiting for THE GREAT COLD DISTANCE with 'Displaced', 'Dissolving Bonds', 'Code Against The Code' and 'Unfurl' along with VIVA EMPTINESS with 'Wait Outside' included). Once I can get those two secured into my collection, then I do intend to buy a copy of the Long Distance Calling album AVOID THE LIGHT so I can have 'The Nearing Grave'.

As far as what I have:
BRAVE MURDER DAY (2006 re-release digi-pack)
DISCOURAGED ONES (re-release with 'Quiet World' & 'Scarlet Heavens')
TONIGHT'S DECISION (re-release with 'No Devotion' and 'Fractured')
LAST FAIR DEAL GONE DOWN (re-release 2 disc media book...really wish it would have been one disc though as they could have fit on one cd)
THE GREAT COLD DISTANCE (standard release)
NIGHT IS THE NEW DAY ("Swedish" digi-book edition with 'Ashen')
NIGHT IS THE NEW DAY (2011 re-release with 'Ashen', 'Sold Heart' and two remix tracks)

NITND ballcap
Military style hat
"Unfurl" patch
A "Tonight's Decision" looking t-shirt I got from their concert that (sadly) is too small for me to even wear that has the guy in like a train tunnel and the new Katatonia logo across the top).
Autographed card that came with my NITND cd.

I want to get a Katatonia poster eventually but I can't seem to find one that has the Katatonia logo on it but without tourdates and such. I found one on ebay but its a photo of the band, without saying "Katatonia" on it. :bah: