Limb music artists for PP.....


Jul 31, 2005
Las Vegas
In my opinion probably the best label for melodic/power metal !!!

I for one like to see more artists from this label perform at PP....

Bands like Galloglass, Revoltons, Burning Point, Vanishing point, Human Fortress, Dungeon, Concerto Moon, Lana Lane, Inner wish, Reign of terror, ect..ect...

I would like though any of these 4 bands more then anything to play PP.

Vanishing Point
Lana Lane

Only bands I know from this label to play PP are Adiago and Vanden Plas.
Revoltons? I've never heard their music, but what an unfortunate band name. What are they like?

What I've heard from Galloglass and Lana Lane was pretty good.
I agree on Limb starting to churn out nothing that memorable. I like the bands, but they really are lots of generic power metal bands on it. I can listen to them, but there's many bands I'd rather see over them
Erik/Lana on Night 1, Stream of Passion Night 2. Im sure that would set up a very awkwardly awesome moment.

I hope Im not the only one who investigated Norlander/Lane's absence from ayreon's - Human Equation...
Oh god. Limb Music. Lets put it this way, if I had the power to wipe out 300 bands from the face of the earth for the sole purpose of culling the scene roughly all the Power Metal bands I would choose would come from LMP... and Italy.

Although I will say that two tremendous acts had albums on Limb, Vanishing Point (who have released one of if not the best Melodic Metal album of this year with Embrace the Silence) and Human Fortress. But if you take a look at their discography they each had one album and one album only for that label and have moved on to much better things.

At one time I used to ceheck out almost all of the LMP releases - but for the last 5 or 6 years they've released nothing but generic german power metal of the most boring kind (with the exception of Vanishing Point). I now avoid their release like the plague!!

One should also bear in mind that the label is not exactly well known for supporting its artists outside of Germany - so the chances of them helping their bands play in the USA are pretty low
I've also heard from people a bunch of horror stories about LMP. Like crappy contracts, publishing rights being forked over, and stuff like that. Theres a reason why so many bands have one and MAYBE two cds for them. Its because if they dont sell some inane amount they get dropped regardless of how good they are (Human Fortress) or the tremendous lack of promotion by the label.
EXHIBITION kicks some Prog/Power ASS!

then there's the aforementioned Galloglass, Black Majesty, Dungeon, and Pagan's Mind. But I also like Wizard, Zandelle, Rising Faith, Cryonic Temple, and Iron Ware.

I haven't kept up with recent Limb Music signings or releases, so I'm not sure if any of these bands are with the label still, but I like what I've heard from them all. And I think any of these I've listed would be a good fit for a future PPUSA.

Of the 6 of us that came to PP this year, 3 came home with Galloglass. They really are a great band. Of the bands I've heard on Limb, its usually a hit or a miss. A beautiful looking album with amazing artwork can end up being so generic; That's how I felt about Eternal Reign. And I really enjoyed one Cryonic Temple album, but then another one I heard sounded a little generic. Aside from the obvious Limb "stars," I really like Olympos Mons, and enjoyed the Black Majesty's latest as well. The LMP logo always puts a smile to my simple minded spirit, haha.
Nightmare1z said:
I can listen to them, but there's many bands I'd rather see over them

That really sums up how I feel. Most of the Limb bands I have heard are not so bad as to be offensive, but nothing leaped out and grabbed me, either. Pleasant, but that's about it.
Yeah, Limb has launched some great bands: Vanishing Point and Human Fortress are two. Rhapsody and Lana Lane are of course the big guns, although Lana Lane was signed well into her career. I thought the Ivory Tower albums were also outstanding. Where'd they run off too?

The rest is just power metal, some of it very good, some of it average, some of it poor, although I have to say that Limb never puts out total crap like some labels. If I buy a Limb power metal album I know that at the very least it won't suck. But I probably won't listen to it more than a few times either.
adaher said:
Limb was the best label from about 1997-1999, but since then it's just been Generic Power Metal central.

I agree. Lance King of Nightmare Records seems to be building a nice stable of bands. I was impressed with Nigtmare's sampler CD. Lot's of potential opening bands on the disc (Ascension Theory, Warmachine, Lanfear, Pyramaze, Avian).
adaher said:
Yeah, Limb has launched some great bands: Vanishing Point and Human Fortress are two. Rhapsody and Lana Lane are of course the big guns, although Lana Lane was signed well into her career.

Lana Lane released her latest CD, "Lady Macbeth" through Frontiers Records earlier this year. Her best release ever. So I guess she is done with Limb also.
Limb has Pagans Mind, and Dungeon but other than that what a generic label it has become.

Even the new Galloglass is boring....what a major let down as I absolutely loved the first disc.

Dungeon are no more. The singer Lord Tim will go on his own and also continue with the band Ilium.

I did like the Olympos Mons CD, and I dig the new Godiva courtesy of the old Victory singer. Casus Belli's new one is pretty decent too.

Other than that though, I think the label has gone down hill, and the promotion sucks.