Limp Bizkit booed off stage

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Mar 31, 2003
LIMP BIZKIT's DURST 'Self-Destructs' At Chicago Gig, Band Quits Playing After 20 Minutes - July 28, 2003

Anders Smith Lindall of Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that heckling fans induced a profane tantrum from LIMP BIZKIT frontman Fred Durst during the group's Summer Sanitarium Tour appearance at Hawthorne Racetrack Saturday (July 26), and the band quit playing after just 20 minutes.

"It was easy to predict a rough reception for the rap-rock has-beens when a significant segment of the crowd booed a mention of the band by previous openers LINKIN PARK," he wrote. "When LIMP BIZKIT actually appeared around 7 o'clock, the boos intensified, and some fans pelted the stage with garbage.

"The famously brainless Durst only fanned the flames, first encouraging the catcalls and flying trash, then swerving into a bizarre tirade against the crowd and city. Ranting that he'd fight anyone in earshot and spluttering explicit sexual putdowns, uncreative curses and ludicrous homophobic slurs, Durst simply self-destructed. Had the villain in 'The Wizard of Oz' been a vile little boob like Durst rather than a snarly old lady in greenface, the movie's 'I'm melting!' scene might have looked like this.

"The crowd, perhaps stunned, calmed down, and LIMP BIZKIT played a few more songs (including a sarcastic, gay-bashing cover of George Michael's 'Faith' with potty-mouth lyrics that would embarrass a fourth-grader). But then the band left the stage and Durst resumed his vulgar invective from the wings until, mercifully, he was relieved of the microphone.

"The aborted set left fans to wait more than 90 minutes for METALLICA, but the mood never turned ugly ? maybe because a lengthy delay was better than suffering through any more LIMP BIZKIT." Read more.

Even though I don't like Fred Durst, Limp Bizkit or their music, that is a shitty thing to do. They are a band, that is the music they make and they should be given the opportunity to perform. Hell, if I was there, I'd be jumping around like a fucking maniac to Limp Bizkit, I don't give a shit if I didn't like the music, I'd try to have as much fun as possible.
I'd feel the same as ceydn, but I remeber that Fred and company stole thousand of riffs from their own fans, and so I have no sympathy. But why in god would they let them played 20min? :D
What does he expect playing in front of Metallica fans though? Even Fred Durst would have known they are not exactly the demographic that buys LB albums... Not to mention LBs music being so far removed from Metallica. The whole tour is a f**king sham anyway, Metallica would b slaughtering those bands every night, its no wonder the crowd just wants them to f**k off so they can watch Metallica.
I think that is half the point Spawny. Alot of people have bagged out Metallica for playing with more mainstream bands on this tour, but I think they did it to make a point, and to wipe the floor with them every night, and put the 'popular' 'heavy' bands in their place, which isn't a half bad idea.

As for the whole LB thing, I hope it keeps happening and they decide to quit the tour. Durst is a fucking cock-head. :)
Metallica could slaughter anyone on stage though Blitzy, taking out those guys was just for money, no other reason :)
Yes, but perhaps they wanted to draw a crowd of younger people who haven't really been exposed to much metal, and think that shit like LB and LP are what metal is about, and show them a thing or two. Going on tour with In Flames, just for an example, will still draw huge crowds, but won't surprise as many people and won't bring in the younger crowd as much.

I'm not saying it wasn't for money, but I think there might be a bit more to it than just money.

Also, as a metal fan, it would be good to see them tour with better support, as to not have to put up with hours a shit before hand, but to be able to see a few good band, not one good band and some shit.
You would be surprised how little Metallica, or at least older Metallica some people have heard. I think that also has something to do with them playing more older stuff, and less newer stuff. The kids have already heard St Anger on MTV etc, play them some of the older stuff and expose them to some real metal. :headbang:
Well they could easily have exposed them to real metal by bringing out some real metal bands :) They picked those bands for money, for good or for bad, thats what it was for. Id go anyway mind you, sitting through LB would be worth it for Metallica :) Thankfully we will only have one or two bands to sit through here! :headbang:
Nobody is going to see LP or any of the other supports :) Sure, some people might go "Oh cool, we can see LP as well" or whatever, but Metallica would have to be the biggest concert draw in rock, so I dont think they would need so many of the popular bands on the bill.
Maybe if they just took LP and some metal bands, that would have been good :)
Blitzkrieg said:
play them some of the older stuff and expose them to some real metal.

One step better would have been to have released a real metal album this year. ;)