Limp Bizkit booed off stage

spawn said:
Metallica could slaughter anyone on stage though Blitzy, taking out those guys was just for money, no other reason :)

I don't think so. There are heaps of better metal bands live.

You all know how much I love arena shows? Generally I'd prefer an arena rock show over a small club show anyday. Well I saw Megadeth, Edguy and Judas Priest all play club/small venue shows, and I thought they were all heaps better than Metallica was in 1998 with an arena show.

And I don't think Metallica could blow a band like Kiss or Bon Jovi off the stage... :)
I thought Metallica was a great show. But I just think Priest, Edguy and especially Priest were even better :) Maybe the Metallica show would've got a few more points if they didn't slaughter The Four Horsemen by doing an acoustic version, that was pretty bad! Haha! Fast galloping open string/power chord riffs do NOT sound good on an acoustic guitar guys...
It was pretty funny :lol: It just sounded REALLY weird! I have it on cd, if I can be bothered when I get home ill post an MP3 of it :)
At the Metallica vault you can download Motorbreath acoustic ;)

I love their acoustic sets... you can also get Four Horsemen (which I think sounds awesome)