Line2Amp + Saffire Pro 26 - Reamping problems

Jan 25, 2008
Los Angeles, CA
I just finished building my Line2Amp DIY project and I can't get any signal through it without a shit ton of noise. I am pretty sure it has something to do with my interface more than the box.

This is before ever even routing a signal

Output>Reamp>Amp = Noise
Output>Interface Input = Noise
Output>Amp via GuitarGuru's no reamp box method = Noise

I am starting to think that my interface(saffire pro 26) outputs at too high of a level. If I route from an output, through the reamp box and into an instrument input on my interface and load X50 I get tons of noise, but if I turn the input down the noise becomes manageable and if I route a DI it comes through loud enough.

Overall I am just frustrated and annoyed with this so if anybody has some suggestions I'd appreciate it.
Do you made ground lift on reamper?
In general, high output level should not be a problem with relatively good transformer, you should be afraid of harmonic distortion and input clipping rather than noise.
According to specifications you have +16 or +22 dbu (with PSU) while instrument input have weak level (because minimal gain is +13 db and seems that no Pad, typical for Focusrite stuff), noise of instrument input is pretty high (-87 db). Overall device is on noisy side itself, maybe such noise is normal for this device.
Quality reamping requires quality interface, top converters can produce significantly less noise.
Yeah, I dare say its something interface side. I own a Line2Amp as well and its been absolutely fantastic to me. It doesn't have any of the extra useless junk that's on the other much more expensive boxes. What you put in is what you get out.
I knew cable length made a difference, but I just thought it was ok as long as it wasn't obscenely long. Why is shorter so much better? Lower noise floor?
Hi FarBy0ndmetal,

Thanks for your post.

@ Frak: a shorter instrument cable would assure a more direct sound yet the noise floor shouldn't be affected.

@ FarBy0ndmetal:

What OS and versions of Saffire Control Pro have you installed?

Are there any other devices connected to your computer?

You may want to reamp solely with the Saffire Pro 26 i/o using a balanced cable and see if the noise remains the same.

Please let me know, if I can be of any further assistance to you.

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Marcel // Support Engineer
I am using a balanced TRS cable out of the interface into the Line2amp, and an unbalanced cable out of the Line2Amp into the amplifier.

I have tried running a balanced cable from an output on the interface into an input in the interface which results in high noise levels before routing a signal. Same goes for balanced cable straight into the amp.

I am running Windows 7 32 bit and the latest version of Saffire Control Pro.

In all honesty, the drivers for this thing have been garbage from day 1, on XP and 7. I have to restart the interface constantly because the interface always loses communication with the software. This has been happening for four years and now I am finding out that the outputs are also garbage. Not happy

Edit: I have 2 TRS cables, both 3 ft and I have tried both.

Edit2: I just noticed that if I turn up my speakers all the way up I hear faintly the very same noise. I am concluding that the outputs on the Saffire Pro 26 are just total shit, along with the drivers. No wonder they discontinued the 26 and made the 40.
Hi all, Google Alerts brought me here (the LINE2AMP is my product) and I thought I'd see if I could help out.

OP, it sounds like the noise could be a problem with your interface, a problem with the LINE2AMP transformer, or both. If it's a problem with the transformer, it will be easy to get to the bottom of it and I can get you a replacement.

You said there is noise in every case (with LINE2AMP, without, etc.) without signal.

What kind of noise is it? (Hiss, hum, buzz?)
When you do send a signal, how significant is the hum compared to the signal?
Is the noise floor different with the LINE2AMP than without?
Thanks for the response Peterson. The noise can be described best as a hiss I would say. The noise is the same with or without the Line2Amp.

When I send a DI signal that was recorded at a high level, partially clipping actually, the hissing noise floor is actually higher than the DI.

The only analog outputs on the Saffire 26 are line outs, TRS. These are the same outputs I use for my monitors. When I turn my monitors volume knobs all the way up I hear the exact same hiss but quieter. So it stands to reason that hiss going through a guitar amplifier simply will not cut it.

I plan on testing the reamp box with a higher quality interface to rule out the reamp box, because I am 99% sure this is a problem with Focusrite's shitty hardware. I am pretty much at the point of giving up, saving for a new interface and throwing the Saffire off the top of a skyscraper.
Strange indeed. It definitely sounds like an interface problem--there's nothing in the LINE2AMP that would generate a hiss.

But I'm curious why the hiss is rather quiet in your monitors (you have to turn them all the way up to hear it, which probably means some of the monitors' self-hiss is in there, too), but really loud going to an amp.

Are you using the same output channels for reamping as you are for your monitors?

If not, perhaps some of the outputs are bad. Or perhaps their output level has somehow been turned down in the box (Saffire's control software? I dunno) so that you have to really crank the amp to get signal.
After finally getting my ADA8000 hooked back up I have concluded that either the Saffire Pro 26 has noisy outputs by design, or I have a faulty model because reamping through the ADA8000 and Line2Amp works like a charm.

Case closed :danceboy:
After finally getting my ADA8000 hooked back up I have concluded that either the Saffire Pro 26 has noisy outputs by design, or I have a faulty model because reamping through the ADA8000 and Line2Amp works like a charm.

Case closed :danceboy:

Hi FarBy0ndMetal,

Thanks for your post.

Contact your dealer or our distributor in your country for theSaffire Pro 26 i/o to be serviced.