little composing ;-)


Sid Vicious Reincarnation
Apr 18, 2001
been the last few days at my fathers place with my band to jam and to record some stuff! is absolutely funny and sounds quite good... partially...
maybe i can provide you with some mp3s later, problem is i only have the shareware n-track at the moment... anyone got a crack until i get Nuendo and Qbase?

funny is a depeche mode style song on acid with keyboards and distortion bass only so far, have to add lyrics...
one classic punk song (sex pistols style), one alternative one and a country & western style song we got yet...

we'll gonna play the next few days further on, i'll try to write a power metal or true metal song (i just love manowar :D)

so that's the reason i havent been on the last few days and why i wont the next few days

only bad thing is that the band will break up as the gitarrist moves to switzerland for his new job and the drummer always was a lazy git... was afraid of 'strenous' stuff like touring...
thx i'll give it a try - i just downloaded it recently so it's gotta be the newest version!

ok i just had a look - it's 2.3 but as i can remember you can download older versions as well!