Hey MM

Hey Constantine.........Great, I cant wait to get Murders done!:)

as for Seventh, yeah all of the Drums have been completed. I think Meds has them, I'm sure he can mail them to you. Let's see if he reads this post if not, I'll pass the word along.
Awesome news on Murders. I have been dying for something to record. - and I have nothing on 7th...been waiting on your parts.

I'll also have the final version of To Tame A Land in a couple days...making final tweaks to the mix.
hell yeah lads...im still here and checking posts on a daily basis..... guild is a part of daily life now im afraid...... AND IT ROCKS....!!! :) ( even in these sombre times....)

Ok.... ive tried emailing const part 3 of seventh.... but email provider problems are stopping it......

...so.... ill email it over 4 or 5 days const.... with about .5 meg file sizes per day..... just rejoin em all at the end..... ill start right away......!!

As for part 2.... i thought you were going to record your bass along with the cd.....????? Then we can cut the drums around your bassline...... I havent recording anything for part 2.... need your bass first...... what do u want to do here....????

While im here..... just discovered the band CREED.... not bad.... i like it.... sounds heaps like eddy vedder though.....

And im still having trouble with motivation for children.... hang in there though.... im sure ill churn it out sooner or later... sorry lads......
Dave, MM, I've sent the bass track to your email address. I tried posting at myplay, but had no luck.

I've received 4 parts now, thanks, just not sure how to put them together.

I have begun to work on part 3. I will try to complet over the next week.
As for part 2, Medsy, I'll record along with the cd.

It's time for a beer
Have a good evening
Constantine........Just got you mail mate, the bass track is great, well done. I just mailed you back.

Rabs and Adde(or is Meds doing the other git for murders?)
I have the Bass for Murders and I'll post a drum/bass mix tomorrow. So lets get some work done around here:)

Meds............no inspiration for Children???? aww c'mon mate, This will be your first go at an acoustic track fro the IMG. Is'nt that exciting? Well I'm waiting patientley over here:)
:lol: ...yeah i guess it would be a nice attempt at an acousticy type of song..... unfortunately i disagree with all the clean tones i acheive on here.... distortions are cool.... cleans are so-so.... ill give it my best and WILL attempt it soon..... ( again i say soon i hear you say.... :eek: ) ... its a commin....

Seventh son bass 2 is coming down now... ill get right on top of this one though... this needs to be finished cause it fully rocks.... So once bass is done its over to you rabs... hopefully your inspiration isnt as flacid as mine at this time.... ;) I quite like how this is turning out.... ill cut the drums around and post out part 2 drums to anyone wholl need it...

One song that fully sends chills down me spine is ( and if uve read other posts youll know ive just discovered CREED...) ... is the song HIGER....!!! What a cool piece.... im DEFINATELY keen for this.... detuned to D so itll be a fat mutha sounding song....and vox are the melodic mans paradise.....

...BUT... its unfortunate were limited to only a few drummers and vox ( and us guitarist too i spose...and i mean NO OFFENSE at all guys...your all masters at what you do....) ... but our styles all differ and its a shame we dont all agree ( myself included ) ... on certain songs and styles... so alas we may never record our favorite tunes.....

All babble aside i just wrote though... if anyones keen on this... just let me know...... Actually... what do u guys think of CREED...???

Upwards and onwards the guild...!

The heck happened to my post?!?!?!

I posted a response to MM last night..its gone... oh well.

MM. Yes, its me and Adde on Murders. We will both want the mix. I will get to work on this puppy the moment I get home with mix in hand.

Can you also please send me the standalone bass-track for archive purposes? Thanks man.

Medsy: I can't believe you just now heard creed. They are so overplayed on every radio station here its ridiculous. Tremonti uses PRS guitars (he even has his own model) so he is cool in my book. :D Band is pretty good...I think most people hate them simply because they are so damn overexposed right now. You can't go anywhere without hearing a creed song..
oh wow..... i hope they dont do that down here..... im pretty sure they wont cause they seem a lil heavy for most of our commercial stations....heck theres only really 2 to choose from in my city..... the rest are old fuddy duddy stations......

Yeah.... theyve really only released two singles... and now they are just breaking through......

You gotta remember us aussies are always following you 'mericans lead... so whats yesturday news for u lads.... is state of the art excitement for us..... :) :D ....god damn....!!!

Const... oh shit...i thought i was gettin seventh part 2 bass..... turns out it was murders....oh well....all the same though, it fully rocks...... its just a shame that im not actually on this song..... Good luck with it though and i cant wait to hear it....

Sent seventh over as soon as its done....
Hope you can post the bass soon. The drum/bass mix was a bit heavy on the bass and I can't hear the nuances of the drums when recording.

...which reminds me. I started recording work on my parts. I expect I shall be done by the end of this coming weekend. I forgot how bloody fast this song burns along at....with syncopated rhythm parts. Awesome song.

Constantine, I am having troubles synching rhythm guitar to your bass during the guitar harmony section. I can't tell yet if its me not playing along fast enough or what. Will let you know when I work on that section harder tomorrow night or so. Great opening bass work!
Dave, Meds - if either of you could forward me the email from Const (or if you want to mail it to me as well const)...I can get started on my guitar parts for 1 & 3.

My parts for murders is 80% done. I got some dive bombs I want to polish up and the guitar harmony run part still needs to be done. There is still the problem with the rhythm in the middle section. I'll send what I have so far so you guys can take a listen.
Constantine: Yeah I got your mail, well done:) it sounds great.

I tell you what does not sound great; that wacky section with the breaks in the beats.....the Part where you did not play Const. If you guys want I could re do that section and you could just punch it in.

You might want to start practicing now...at least the harmonized run in the middle. Its fairly tough...and you need to know it really well in order to get it tight. Its the only part I've left to record. I can send what I have to you...I recorded two rhythm guits..

Lemme know
hey peoples....

I listened to tame finally..... it came up not too bad..... but i feel i couldve been a whole lot better...at least where my playings concerned....i totally farked the start...but the rest seemed to gel nicely...... overall i can live with it.... it sounds fat....!!!

MM : Nah... i dont reckon youll need to redo the drums.... i just left that part out cause it was a lil tricky and was going to do it at the end of recording part 3... i just never got round to doing it though....... It shouldnt be a problem once ive learnt it and ill just punch it in.....

As for const..... i dunno..... youll have to consult with him.....!!

RAbs : Have u got a copy for this yet...?? (part 3 bass) ...?? If not then ill volunteer to email it over...just let me know...... And ill grab murders of ya when theres a rough mix finished floating around....
The section in part 3 where I did not play any notes were because I could not figue them out. My hope was to figure it out and it could be mixed in latter.
The drumming is great. NO need for you to do anything. I just need to figure the notes out. If any of the guitarest know it, please do share.
take care

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