Lets Finish I Want Out

Ive been learning Beast Rabs. Ive had the solo down pat for a few months now. Should be cool. Only thing im having trouble with is the start which is fast!

As far as the Humbugger goes, I plan on putting in a Hotrail in the next few weeks.

I'll grab MM's mix now :)
Maidenman - Is is an all out stop, or just a really, really fast fade? I think its the latter. The effect is about the same, the guitars just rather abruptly stop. I vote for keep it true to the original..I think crossy and I both agreed on that. We just held the notes out to accomadate you chopping it off whenever. :)

Crossy - No shit man! The intro (especially Davey's) is a really forearm burner! Try playing that song 5 times in a row! Better yet, try playing that, then Eagles, then beast again. Owie! Hope you built up some stamina practicing Skin Flute. ;)
I've just posted teh New Karaoke track.

I hated the drum sound....so I re did the entire track. What an improvement.

I still need to find a cool synh pop for the bridge but other than that, i like it.

Please have a listen and let me know if it's ok with everyone....then I'll start on the vox:)
You redid the entire drum track already?! Yikes!
More power to ya!

I'm pulling it down now. Did you give any thought on my suggestion on how to handle the backup vocals?
Smooth mix Maidenman! The new drum track is HEAPS better!

I got one thing I want to send you. (I'll mail it when I get a chance) its the lead run line between the chords right before the solo. The left channel guitar is missing it. You'll know what I mean when I send it.

One minor thing about this mix. Left/right lead channels are a bit too seperated for my taste. But thats entirely a taste thing. I'm cool if you choose to override me. :p

Bass could come up a wee bit too (or rhy guits come down a wee bit...take yer pick).

When you gonna mix in 7th vocals?
Wow, it sounds so pro!!! The guitar sound is fuckin great!! Cool mix MM, cant wait to hear it (continuing with the by now cliche phrase"cant wait too.." :D ) with Pauls vocals!

how`s the spelling for that word "cliche" anyway..:confused: