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Apr 16, 2001
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Hey Guys,

This thing has been around (read - on my hard drive) forever. Lets get it done!

Maidenman, you still want to mix this bad boy?

Here is what I propose, I'll send you (MM) all my lead/harmony tracks. ECs bass part is up on myplay..as well as mine and crossy's rhythm tracks. With all that, you have enough to mixdown a karaoke version (you'll need to come up with something creative in the 'quiet' section).

...Anyway..thats my thought...whaddya say crossy? Its mostly your call. Did you still want to lay down a harmony track/solo for this? We got so many other tracks that need to be done that MaidenMan has already laid drums for that we really need to start closing some projects.
Hell yeah Rabs, I've had a "working" mix forlder for this one on my hard drive FOREVER, lol. I have the basic rhythm tracks ( i think ) and the bass track. just go ahead and send me what you've got and I'll nail it out.
I hear ya bro!

You want me to post em to myplay or email em to you? It will be 3 more tracks...left lead, right lead and Solo. I figure its better to send em seperate for better control.
Let me know.
Ok..I'm a dumbass. I forgot I can't mail you from home...So I am copying all 3 tracks up to myplay as I speak. Let me know if there is a problem with them.


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I guess thats ok Rabs. I know ive been lazy on it. Ive just been so busy and to tell you the truth since you guys have been getting a better sound with POD's and a like its put me down a little with it all. I can't really do anything about it!

Hope the mix turns out well.
Get active again IC, the IMG wants you for a player!
I think getting rid of at least one of your single coils on your guitar is the main thing for your sound improvement! :) Take care!
IC! Dude!

I don't want you to feel down mate! Its all about fun! Yea, we wanna get the best sound we can, but not at the expense of cutting people out cause their gear don't sound good enough!

...afterall..it was your powerslave track that inspired me to pick up the guitar again and start recording with you guys!

The 'busy' thing I understand. With this one out the way and done, you can concentrate on the other tracks you volunteered for. I really wanna do beast...and am just waiting on a bass track for that. Start practicing!

Oh yea...and get a damn humbucker! :D
What ya mean Rabies, didn`t MY guitar playing on Powerslave inspire you greately and was it not a big influence for you when deciding getting into guitar playing again..........:confused: ;) :D :p
Ok. I listened 3 times total..and here are my thoughts so far.

Pretty good first pass! Levels are too hot though. I got a lot of clipping on my headphones...I think its mostly the bass line that is causing it. Overall the bass needs to be turned down quite a bit imho - though the level of the bass at the end was perfect. I normally mix the track at a fairly low volume...once levels between instruments are good, I may/may not add compression and then turn volume up of the entire track using another program (soundforge) to the desired level.

Other than that, I think the left lead guitar cut through just a bit more than right channel. Adjust that however you wish.

Oh..and minor things: During the first verse. Crossy and I both agreed to hold our chords there out as long as we could so the mixer could cut/fade them out abruptly and simultaneously like in the original version. Two places during the first verse need that...you can always check out the original and listen to the rhythm guits to figure out what I am saying. :confused:

..and then there is the synthesizer 'pop' in the middle of the quiet section. How we gonna handle that? Or should we just ignore it?

Ok...sorry for rambling. Swell job in such a short time!
Oh..and is there anything you can do to get your kick drum to come out more? I can't hear it.

Forget the bass level thing. After listening some more, I think bass level is ok....as long as the clipping is fixed. You may wanna talk to EC. I seem to remember him saying something about having to draw volume envelopes to turn parts down/up.

Great job MM! :)

The bass track sounds better than I expected although the weird high-end timing mismatch thing is still there. I haven't had a chance to dig into the sound I used for this one to investigate, but I'm pretty convinced that this happens when I absent mindedly leave the reverb in the mix. I should have cut it out of the chain. It's a shame to waste such good drum and guitar tracks on such a crappy bass track. If you guys want, I'll re-record it. Let me know.

Otherwise it sounds excellent! :D
Rabs........wow, I thought you'd have more to say about this mix, lol, well I guess I did a better job on this one:)
I'm in total agreement about the cliping, I'm gonna remidy that.
The fade I will take care of too, I tought you guys held out a little too long, lol
As for that synth pop, I lifted it off the original and It sounded like shit, my singer has a bitchen keyboard which Im sure has a similar effect so, I'll nab that at practice tom night
oh and the drum sound........damn it really sucks, lol this was my last track done with my old rec tech so thers not much I can do with it. I'll try to run it through a few programs and see what I can come up with.

EC........All I did with your bass was bring up the highs a tad. when I was mixing It was hard to get all the cool fills you were doing(like during the solo and the end) so that help to bring those to the front. Great job

I'll have a new mix up in day or so.........stay tuned:)
I hear ya on the drums. I didn't realize this was 'old school MM'! ;)

I must be getting a reputation for saying too much about other people's mixes! :p :eek: :confused: :cry:

Can't wait to hear the keyboard 'pop'. Can't wait to hear 7th vocals on this bad boy as well.

7th! Get busy, the mix MM has is way good enough for you to record against! No complaining about being bored now man!
one interesting thing here........the 2 guitar parts where you guys fade at during the 1st verse. After listening to the original.........they don't fade out. they just stop. both parts. I've matched em up perfectley..........shall I fade them out or keep it true to the original?

off to bed nighty night:)