Live Album?


Apr 13, 2002
Lima Peru
well after 4 cds and ep is time to have a live album!!!!!!!!!!!!, recently i downloaded some (5) sactuary live songs an they are awesome, i guess the live album must be a double cd or triple like alive in athens by Iced earth:D
ahh Into the Mirror Live: Black Reflections... im not completely sure what is is... a promo or something... rare to have a REAL copy, but thats it... 4 live songs, 1 studio track (Future Tense)... WD stated numerous times that there "enough bootlegs out there for everyone" or somethin along the lines of that, which is why he always says they wont put out a live cd or dvd... but strangely enough, he said that they recorded one of their recent western US shows for a DVD... we'll see
hmm, there is no need for a split with another band like in the case of ITMB:BR, but knowing how it goes,.........., we shouldn't count on that in the case of NVRMR before 2005.
hell no... thumbs DOWN to that idea

I'd prefer a real album... they haven't released one since DNB :heh: