Alive in Athens



What do you guys think about Iced Earth's live CD Alive in Athens. I think the CD is absolutely incredible. The production is good, and all the songs sound alot like the actual studio songs. It's good and long too. I used to like Iced Earth only a bit and I liked only a few of their songs, but after i borrowed the CD a couple of days ago, that is the only thing I have listened to. Every chance I get I listen to it. It's absolutely amazing.
So, what do you all think of it.
Also, what do you think is the best Iced Earth song? I think it's The Coming Curse.
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AiA rocks bigtime! it'S the best live album i have (at least best metal-live-album). the atmosphere is quite good. the sound is very good. but of course there are some re-recorded phases what disturbs me a bit.
i got the cd, i only like the last laugh, hmn, thats probably because im not a big fan of that style of music, and well not really a Nevermore fan either, how could it come to this... narcosynthesis.