Live Maiden


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Apr 14, 2001
Brisbane, Australia
You know, I've been pretty critical of live recordings of Maiden in recent times (with the notable exception of LAD, of course!) but I'm listening to a bootleg from the World Piece Tour and they actually really rock! I guess it might be because it's from when they were in their prime, but it's still great.

And how's this for a setlist?

Where Eagles Dare
The Trooper
Flight of Icarus
Die With Your Boots On
22 Acacia Avenue
Number of the Beast
Still Life
To Tame a Land
Guitar Solo
Drum Solo
Phantom of the Opera
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Iron Maiden
Run to the Hills

Rock In Rio rules! And I think all bands should release a live album after EVERY albums tour!

Having said that, rocking setlist :D
Spiff I just noticed your a fellow Brisbane-ite. Awesome!

Is Where Eagles Dare an awesome song or what? I love when I decide to chuck Piece of Mind on and that just comes kicking and screaming out of my speakers.

On an overall sense thats one hell of a setlist. Do you have that boot on CD? Interested in some sort of trade? I dont really have much in the sense of boots...but CDR's or something?

lemme know.

Yep, it's on CD. Once I get some money (I'm flat broke at the mo) I'm gonna try to get back into the trading game again, so once I start going on about CDs I've bought again remind me of our conversation and I'll send you a copy. :)
salty - Where Eagles Dare is one of my fave Maiden songs ever.

The whole album is brilliant now that i stop and think about it...

Where Eagles Dare
Flight Of Icarus
Die With Your Boots On
The Trooper
Still Life
Quest For Fire (cheesy lyrics though)
Sun and Steel
To Tame A Land

Man, Maiden could come down here and play those 9 tracks live and i'd be happy. :D
Piece Of Mind is my favourite Maiden album.
Where Eagles Dare and Revelations are two of my favourite tracks too.
Yeah Sydo.....I don't think there are two better opening tracks on any other Maiden album.

Powerslave, SIT and SSOASS come close, but those first two offa Piece 'o Mind are the best - LOVE THEIR WORK! :headbang:
Cool man I will.

So is it safe to assume youll be at the QUT dungeon gig?

Would be cool to catch up with the Brisbane forum people who go and drink some quantities of the amber stuff. :D

Originally posted by spawn
I think all bands should release a live album after EVERY albums tour!

Although this is a STUPID idea, I want to get live albums from Beast On The Road, World Piece, Somewhere On Tour, No Prayer and at least one Blaze tour.
So maybe the idea isn't so bad. :D
Noone forces anyone to buy live albums! But the people who DO want them should be able to get them! :D
Great set list .......... finally got the RIR DVD its excellant great gig , great extras , day in life of Maiden , gee Nicko a funny bugger.
I have it too. Great bootleg!

I do think RIR rocks too, but not like they used too...

I'd love a boot from the NPFTD tour! In all honesty, the live versions of 'Tailgunner', 'Holy Smoke' and 'The Assasign' from the digipack Aussie tour edition of FOTD are the best live Maiden recordings I have ever heard! :eek: