Live Maiden

Originally posted by Blitzkrieg
I have it too. Great bootleg!

I do think RIR rocks too, but not like they used too...

I'd love a boot from the NPFTD tour! In all honesty, the live versions of 'Tailgunner', 'Holy Smoke' and 'The Assasign' from the digipack Aussie tour edition of FOTD are the best live Maiden recordings I have ever heard! :eek:

I've got one :) Pretty good quality for a boot, if I remember properly.
You cant even remember you made the same post yesterday, so I doubt its any good ;) ;) ;)
You want it as well Blitz? Huh? You want it? Huh? HUH?! COZ I'LL FUCKING GIVE IT TO YOU IF YOU WANT IT!!!

I think I've still got your address from last time, if I remember properly.