Free Mumia!
Sep 11, 2005
Simple question too the band; Do you guys make a living from Borknagar? If not have you guys thought about trying? Does it take Vintersorg all of his projects to make a living?

Sorry if these are personal questions too you guys just wondering.
I belive vintersorg is studying something, and thanks to Göran Person and CSN he thereby lives in wealth & luxury....
The reason you haven't got an answer on your question from any of the bandmembers is may that they've answered it approx half a year ago in this forum... :erk:
I remember that all of them had day-jobs, and as far as I remember the answers, one was behind the cameras in one or another TV-show, and Vintersorg as described above. The rest wasn't described or I've forgotten. You'll probably find if you jump back in the topics. :Smokin:
You have to suck and be unoriginal to live off of music. Normally, people can only accept things they are familiar with so therefore, you have to pander to the masses to be loved and in turn receive massive funds.
But the few who do herald you, really do with no manipulative musical coercion. But, of course, that doesn't pay the bills. I'm just guessing.