Looking at a few specific basses for recording


Oct 25, 2009
The bassist in my band uses a Peavey International Series bass with passive pickups for recording. I want to buy a slightly better bass than that, for recording.

After having read here, Fender P Bass seems like a decent place to start, although when listening to sound clips of the standard low budget P bass and the P bass deluxe, I was far more convinced by the deluxe one (which is above my budget). My budget is £150, and I'm currently considering the following basses which I can get for that price (special deals)

Kramer Disciple Bass Guitar
4-String Bass Guitar, Black Hardware, Black/Cayenne Red Split
an EMG MMCS pickup, an EMG BTS preamp and ebony fingerboard.

Epiphone Les Paul Special Bass Guitar
4-String Bass Guitar, 2X 442R Alnico Bass Humbucker Pickups, Set Mahogany Neck, Mahogany Body, Dot Inlays, Black Hardware

Epiphone Nikki Sixx Blackbird
4-String Thundebird style Bass, 2X DeepSixx Humbucker Pickups, Bolt on Maple Neck, Iron Cross Inlays
Go to the store and play everything you can afford - bass guitars can sound very different, even among identical models - playing them in person will make it much easier to find a good sounding bass at that price range.
In the current climate you should REALLY go second hand. People are selling music gear by the shedload and there's some great deals to be had, particularly if there's someone local doing a pick up only auction.

For £150 I'd keep an eye out for a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz bass. It's a fantastic bass at any price point and will be flexible enough to record any genre. The Squier 60's P Bass is also pretty good.
Thanks for the tips! Haven't been able to find a second hand Squier Vintage Jazz Bass within my budget, though.

Thing is, the basses mentioned in my first post are usually sold for £250-300, but can be had for £150 because they are B stock. Hence wondering if any of them would be a good alternative. I'm very curious about the Kramer Disciple with active EMG pickups and everything as it seems to be a really good deal, but would love if anyone had opinions.

I'm really a guitarist and not a bassist. Just looking for a bass that will sound decent in a recording.
Those Epi Thunderbird basses are pretty cool and LOUD. Would definitely stand out on a track in the studio, though I have yet to record one.
What about the Squier Mike Dirnt Precision Bass Guitar? I can't personally stand Green Day, but if it's a decent bass, I'll go for it. However, I'm assuming some of the ones I mentioned earlier are far better basses?!

# Body: Agathis
# Neck: Maple, Thick “C” Shape, Satin Polyurethane Finish
# Fingerboard: Rosewood, 9.5” Radius (241mm)
# 20 Medium Jumbo Frets
# 1 Split Single-Coil Precision Bass Pickup