Looking for a new amp


Jul 23, 2005
I have about 500 pounds to spend on a new combo amp ^_^

I was looking at possibly a second hand 5150 combo, those amps sound really nice if i recall..

Are there any amps i should really be considering? I can go upto probably 700 because im selling my current stack in order to get a smaller amp.

My favourite guitar tones: in flames, arch enemy, nevermore

Id probably be lookin to get a tube screamer too if it would give a better sound :)
You're on the right track... I love my 5150 combo. It's worth it to also replace the speakers with Vintage 30s, though... the stock speakers sound phasey in the midrange and very harsh in the highs. Do those things, though, and you have an awesome amp for not a whole lot of money. You can pick up Vintage 30s used on eBay for pretty cheap, and then they're already broken in for you!
While im on the subject..... if anyones looking to sell a 5150 combo, im willing to pay up to about 700 depending on condition, tubes, speakers etc :)