looking for metal site with "artist introductions"


New Metal Member
Aug 25, 2002
Stockholm, Sweden
Last week, I visited a metal site that featured several "artist introductions", i.e. extensive guides to the complete discography of a certain artist. One of the artists featured was Cradle of Filth, if I am not mistaken...

I've been checking my browser history and searching through google for almost an hour now, but I can find the site... Damnit, I hate when this happens... Does anyone know what site I'm referring to?

(I'm pretty sure it was a .com site, not some small Geocities one...)

Thanks for the tips, guys... I still haven't found the site I was talking about, and it's not one of the ones mentioned here. :/

It wasn't a record label or general music site (like Allmusic), it was a metal site that had (among other things) extensive "walkthroughs" through the discography of certain artists...

Very useful reading when one discovers a band that's been around for several years... It's hard to know where to start in such cases.