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Apr 16, 2001
Enfield, South Australia
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(NB: I write this having just listened to your very stonking take on "Prowler". Bravo!)

Today I got an email from a friend of mine telling me he's just listened to your cover of "Queen of The Reich" from an EP of yours called "Maiden Our Spare Time." Was this the end result of all those covers you recorded a while ago, and more importantly, where can I get it?

You gotta be able to catch well from within a crowd to own that! HAHAHA!

Troops: Nah, it's not available at all - it was a media-only thing (in fact it wasn't even supposed to be that! It was a studio test!)... So bug Gary and Peter from Screaming Symphony to play it all the time and get your tape recorders ready (naughty! HAHA!) :D

Wrathy: I guess you'd have to bug Andrew Haugh at 3HOP - I hear he's playing some of it now too! :)