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Eden's Fall

Dec 9, 2005
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Eden’s Fall - Harmony Of Lies

file under Speed/thrash metal

Eden’s Fall - Harmony Of LiesFons: 'Harmony Of Lies' is a nice album for fans of Laaz Rockit and Overkill, and my advise to them is; check this one out. Eden's Fall is from Chicago, and their roots go far back to the eighties U.S. (thrash) metal scene. Typical guitar riffs, although we have already heard them numerous times, powerful drums, and the perfect singer for this kind of music. He sounds like some sort of a Michael Coons (Laaz Rockit)/Mark Oseguada (Death Angel) crossing, a bit more raw though, not as talented as these two, and his style of singing is a bit exaggerated, every now and then.

Eden's Fall uses some modern Nevermore and Machine Head influences to prevent their music from sounding outdated. These influences have a positive effect on the music on 'Harmony Of Lies' In conclusion, this is quite a nice debut album, not a classic one or whatever, but it will not hurt you to listen to it occasionally.

Rating: 71/100