Lyrics Game

Devil cracked the earthly shell, foretold she was the one,
Blew hope into the room and said
"You have to live before you die young"

The gate was closed that day, but I was bound to carry on.
She could not see me through the windows.
In dismay, strangest twist upon her lips.
Graven face, she said my name.
Graven face, she said my name.
Someone said it already... there it goes, anyways...

Everything beloved, it is shattered anyway.
[Ghost Reveries - The Baying of the Hounds]

(Y is a nice letter, you can start it with "You".)
(There is no "e" in Watershed, damn.)
Everything you believed is a lie.
Everyone you loved is a dead bird.
(Lol! Dead bird. Anyways, stop repeating! I've seen this one 3-4 times)
everything is lost

Spiralling to the ground below, like autumn's leaves left in the wake to fade away.
[Blackwater Park - The Drapery Falls]

Saw.. movement in their eyes
Said I know longer.. knew the way-ayyy.

[Watershed - Burden]

(Another "Y" for you guys!)