Maiden start recording this month


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Apr 14, 2001
Brisbane, Australia
From Blabbermouth:

Producer: IRON MAIDEN To Begin Recording This Month - Jan. 6, 2003

IRON MAIDEN will commence the recording process for their new studio album later this month, producer Kevin Shirley has confirmed via his official web site.

"Indeed, we begin recording the new IRON MAIDEN album this month, and while I appreciate [everyone's] e-mails, please rely on the official IRON MAIDEN site for updates and news — I can't and won't be answering those e-mails and questions," Shirley wrote. "Also, do NOT send me artwork, song titles, lyrics or production tips (I love [longtime IRON MAIDEN producer] Martin Birch too, and he was an idol of mine growing up!!!), running orders, messages of hate or love to pass on, etc., etc. I will not pass them on, and I hope you understand that. Perhaps I'll do something on the site after the fact, on the making of the album .... and maybe that'd satisfy you."

IRON MAIDEN's as-yet-untitled new effort is not expected to surface until the summer, at the earliest. In the meantime, the group have announced a host of European dates beginning in late June, including several festival appearances alongside METALLICA.

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A side comment on that article, also from Blabbermouth.

1/6/2003 5:41:44 AM
Dear Kevin,

I've got some great songs I would like to forward to you to use for the new Iron Maiden CD.

The first one is called "Having three guitar players in one band is fucking stupid" and the other one I have is called "Weve been playing music for thirty years and still only know three power chords and an open "E" gallop"

If you are interested to hear what these songs sound like, please refer to any of the past Iron Maiden CD'S.

I'd like to offer you a complete package and in order to make life easy for the release of these singles, I have the artwork all done. The single for "Three guitars" is a picture of Eddie hitting Blaze Baley over the head and the the one for "Three Chords" is a rape scene that involves several band members engaging in necrophelia with Ed and Co.

Please email me with specifics so I can get you the material on time.

The Edible Egg

P.S. I took the liberty to call Lars and cancel the Metallica dates. Since the band said they like the intimate setting of clubs, I rescheduled the gigs at 1,000 seaters. If you need a second bass player or drummer, please let me know...