Maiden tabs using DC


Apr 17, 2001
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Hey, I have just begun using Direct Connect but dont ´have much to share yet so I dont get into the good hubs. Have you guys found any good tabs out there? I`m especially looking for the original tab books, copied then I guess. I really want to get my hands on some accurate tabs, like the 7:th son tab book and the one with Powerslave/Somewhere in time. Have you looked around out there at all?


Another thing, I now have I pretty cool pic of me and some of my friends that I want to show you, anywhere I can upload it to? Myplay doesn`t work cuz they only accept MP3 files.

What? :confused: I have the two books you are referring to...I guess I dunno what 'direct connect' is? :cry:

If you want to email me the pic, I can post it somewhere..or I'm sure EC would be willing to put it up on the IMG site... :D
Ohh Ok, I guess I assumed everyone used it just because I do...ssorry. All my frieds are users of DC too. Well it`s a popular program for downloading off of others computers, like Napster but this is for all file types. Movies, games music, porn he he ..whathever you want. Though you have to share stuff to for everybody else to download and there often a minimum of like 5 gig for getting into the good hubs( like a virtual room with a lot of computers) Try it out! Download free version from the DC-site!

Ok, EC. Can I mail it too you? I cant find your e-mail sooo...please type it here or send a private mess :)