Make your own Chuck Norris style joke about Dan


But later on Dan got his fittnes back!
This thread puttered out awhile back... but I have resurrected it.... with a brand new Swanöshop... sure hope nobody is offended, it was created with comedy in mind, not malice!

DAN, what were you watching? :OMG:

Dan Swanö is so metal,he began to produce Metallicas new album but decided to play all the instruments himself to make it actually sound good.
As I'm not that familiar with Chuck Norris (I barely know who he is, I've never seen his movies), maybe I could add some "Phantom" style sayings? How about:

- 'There are times', the natives say, 'when Dan leaves the studio and walks the streets of the town as an ordinary man.'

- When Dan asks, he expects an answer.

- Cold voice of angry Dan can chill tiger's blood.

- Angry Dan is fearful to behold.

- Be wary of Dan, 'For he moves like lightning and the earth trembles with his might'.

- He moves faster than a great cat, with the power of a charging bull or elephant.

- It is said tigers freeze when the eyes of Dan blaze.

- It is terror for the evil man to awake in darkness and see Dan.

- No man can refuse the voice of Dan.

- Dan hits harder than lightning bolt.

- When Dan is rough, he is very rough.

- When Dan moves, lightning stands still.

- Some say he uproots great trees barehanded - I do not doubt it.