Matt Barlow Rejoins Iced Earth


May 14, 2005
Once again the winds of change are upon us, and this time I can say that I am very happy about the result.

While out on the European tour I had several in depth discussions with many loyal Iced Earth fans. A common theme of these discussions was how much Matt is missed. I agreed with the fans that things were not the same and that it was a very special period in Iced Earth’s history.

When I heard several months ago that Matt was going to be doing a project in music again, I was thinking about contacting him and seeing what his intentions were. I didn’t act on this because I was so focused on the writing of the new epic, and frankly, it just didn’t seem realistic.

Well, after getting out on the road and speaking with many of you directly, I decided to call Matt and see how he was doing and if he was interested in working together again. I am proud to say that he is coming back to Iced Earth and we will be getting back to work in the studio very soon.

Matt will be singing on Part 2 of the Something Wicked concept CD and we will be looking forward to getting out on tour and delivering a series of Iced Earth shows that will rival any in the history of the band. And there will be a proper DVD filmed from this period, something we’ve all been waiting for.

Soemthing WickedI want you all to know that it was you who made this a reality. I have missed Matt’s presence onstage and in my personal life in a big way over the past few years, so I appreciate your honesty in our discussions. It did help me realize the decision to move forward with pursuing this. The fans have spoken and we have delivered!

You true fans know that I’m a straight shooter, I say what I mean and mean what I say. And though I value your opinions greatly, you must believe that this is a decision that comes completely from the heart and is not motivated by anything other than what feels the best for Iced Earth. This is the way that things have always been dealt with, for better or for worse, but always honestly and from the heart.

Tim Owens is a great and talented singer and I wish the best for him and his future on a personal and professional level.

There will be more news soon as to further developments and plans. This will push back the release of Part 2 a bit. Not because we couldn’t be ready to record in time, but because of a new addition to Matt’s family in early 2008!

I am very happy to announce that Iced Earth is truly BACK!

Have a great holiday season. We’ll be in touch very soon with more details.
Jon Schaffer

Let's see how well this goes over. Hope it all works out, but I'm still skeptical at the moment.
I only listened to Iced earth because of matt barlow....I didn't like the other dudes vocals, too powermetal sounding for me. Matt vocals are far better, this is a good choice.
I feel bad for Tim Owens. First he got shafted from Judas Priest in favor of bringing Rob Halford back, and now this. Seriously, lame. Whether you like him or not, he has an incredible voice. Having said that, I am excited to see Barlow returning. I'm interested to see what they'll come up with this time.
First he got shafted from Judas Priest in favor of bringing Rob Halford back
Of course he got booted out of Priest! Seriously, come on! Hmmm ... Ripper "I can scream too!" Owens, or a little gay man from Birmingham known the world over as the Metal God! I mean, Priest sucked donkey nuts with Ripper while Halford was touring with Maiden and releasing some of his best work!

Er, sorry, but I get a bit touchy when it comes to Rob Halford and Judas Priest :lol: But, it's like feeling sorry for Blaze cause Maiden took Bruce Dickinson back. It's just silly! :p
Yeah, I know what you're saying. I still feel bad for him though; filling the shoes of Rob Halford is difficult, if not downright impossible.
I just want to see Iced Earth with Barlow...I had some chances and missed them. Plus they better do some Burnt Offering numbers.
I used to love Iced Earth, then they did Horrow Show which was kind of bland and it's been downhill ever since. I am though really glad Matt Barlow is back in the band because let's face it, Tim Owens while having a great high range, had a terrible low range. Barlow can do it all well, and his voice really fits the band so much better than Owens. However, since Jon Schaffer really has just been repeating himself lately, I'm still not jumping up and down over this news quite like I would have a few years ago. Let's hope Jon can get some creativity going and put out an album that doesn't sound like recycled riffs from his previous albums.
I think they recycled too much even on TDS and SWTWC, even if some of the songs were really good thanks to the vocs. The first two songs on Horror Show slays though, mostly since the rhythm section from Death pwned bigtime
Horror Show actually has some really nice Thrashy numbers on it which were missing from Something Wicked and Dark Saga. But shit...I was listening to NOTSR last night, they can never top that album. Jon has to learn how to write riffs again...I'm sure with Barlow back there will be at least some quality on this next disc.

I saw them live with Barlow on their horror show tour. The gig lasted almost THREE hours. It were 3 different sets. The first one focussed on the early stuff, second one focussed on albums like Dark Saga and SWTHC, and the last set was all Horror Show songs. I don't like Horror Show too much, but Damien live is one of the coolest things I ever witnessed (that VOICE!) and so was the Wicked trilogy, with awesome pyrotechnics.
I'm so incredibly happy that he rejoined Iced Earth, cos even though I respect Ripper for what he's capable of, he just doesn't fit in Iced Earth, and I saw Ripper+IE at Graspop a few years ago and it was unbearable, I walked away after 2 songs