May I have a question...?


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Jan 3, 2007
YouTube - Symphorce soundcheck

I found it some time ago, and I'm on my knees !
It's AWSOME ! Can you tell me WHAT IT IS? It sounds like blues song. Oh, did I mention that I love blues? ;) Some time ago I heard something about Cede's blues band plans: I think that its' great idea to do something like that: specially with guys from Symphorce ! This link above sounds great...please engligten me and tell me what it is :)
what the hell? hahaha... i guess this was just a jamsession on our last Tour during the soundcheck. I am just wondering how it has made it on YouTube.
*knock-knock* Cede?! :lol:

Well, thanx for the compliments and watch out for the new album.
I think it won´t disappoint any Symphorce Fan who likes our last two albums.
It contains everything which belongs to Symphorce plus some surprises.

Hey! Thanks for answer ! :)
Well, if that was only soundcheck, I'm fu***n curious about new album, 'cos this shit is AWSOME ! I really enjoy Cede play style...It seems that He listen to a lot of blues 'cos he's got THAT feeling (for example: in "Mirrored Room" from GodSpeed). I hope that you, as a band, wont leave such good ideas like that to put some blues elements in your music. I think that today's music is too plastic and it needs to have more traditional roots with some blues, old rock legends feeling like Led Zeppelin etc. But of course its only my humble opinion :)
Ah, and by the way:I supose that in this new trailer I hear Andy's growling ;) please tell Andy that its awsome to hear him again experimenting with his vocal: I love the bonus track from Ambiguity where He growl(Revenant) and I think that he should try it in such brave and open-minded band like Symphorce. Yeah, I know that you've got millions fan, and I'm only one of them, but I had to say it :) Keep playing good mysic guys !
Greetings ! :)
bad news: I am sorry, but you won´t find any blues on the new album.

good news: I promise you that on become death andy did the most diverse and intense vocals ever. It´s two steps beyond in every direction.

A million fans? Fuck Yeah! :headbang:
Heh, OK - I wont die if there wont be blues ;) I will be very happy to hear some agressive and powerful metal (like at previous recrods) and that is preety certain(?) ;) Can wait to hear these "most diverse and intese vocals ever" ;) and of cours to hear whole band: also the new drummer :) And please put new trailer 'cos I played "embrace the dead" million times and now I know every little riff on this ;) Ohh and this countdown...its killing me (i think that not only me) ;))