Megadeth - Brissy show


Apr 14, 2001
Brisbane Australia
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Bloody awesome :D

Lets see if I can remember the setlist and get the order right:

Blackmail the universe
Set the world afire
Wake up dead
Some new song
Angry Again
In my darkest hour
Another new song
Toute la mone (probably spelt that wrong)
Hanger 18
Return to Hanger
Sweating bullets
My last words (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Symphony of destruction
Peace sells. Stop at the part when it speeds up and they played sabbath bloody sabbath riff then launched in paranoid. Then went back to peace sells and finished the song.
Holy wars
..and the punishment due

Great show. Probably forgot a song or 2 but I think thats about right. Song highlight: My last words. Fuck that was amazing to hear live!
Maybe a bit toooo many songs from the new album but hey you get that. Dungeon were in fine form as per usual. Top night!
I am really looking forward to this gig. 'Deth play great setlists on this tour, and heaps from the new album is fine as I think it rocks.

Also looking forward to Dungeon, has been a while since I have seen them, and have been giving their albums a listen the last few days after having let them rest for many months. Great stuff!

Roll on tomorrow night! :headbang:
:headbang: :kickass:

Sweet! I'm very much looking forward to tonight's show also!

Nice to see you there with Mr Dave, Salty. :)
I went to the Melbourne show last night :)

Setlist looks about the same except we also got Skin O My Teeth, Tornado Of Souls and Train Of Consequences... otherwise the same.

My highlights were Peace Sells (for the crowd participation in it), Trust and In My Darkest Hour.
The show in Melbourne was fucking awesome. I'm still pumped after it. Usually I enjoy gigs then go home and don't think about them too much, but this is one I'm still thinking and smiling about a few days later.