You should have tried to get Mustaine to sign them for you when they toured!
Megadeth are awesome. The Punishment Due is awesome and just as good as the first half of the song. Risk has some excellent stuff on it if you take it for what it is.

I would love to hear a re-recorded version of Last Rites/Loved To Death, that would f'n rock.

As for underated 'Deth stuff, just listen to SFSGSW, it is their bets album that most people overlook. Rock. :headbang:
NO! The Punishment Due is NOWHERE near as cool as the first half, it has one of the best intros ever, YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK! :)
The intro is awesome I agree but that main riff in the half after the acoustic part is one of the best riffs ever!! The riff under "They killed my wife and my baby, with plans to enslave me!" etc. That part of the song is the highlight for me!
That main riff during The Punishment Due is just godly.That whole song is godly! MEGADETH is godly!....for the most part.

My favorite Megadeth songs are.....

Looking Down The Cross(the riffset for the first half is to die for...)
Good Mourning/Black Friday
Wake Up Dead
Set The World Afire
Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
Hangar 18
Ashes In Your Mouth
Addicted To Choas
Reckoning Day
Hahahahaha I've got my He-Man sword to ward him off if need be. It's made of plastic steel.