Melancholic Art Breeding Retardation of Social Life

One Inch Man said:
Damn dude, sucks about your aunt. :(

Thanks ... actually was running around these past 2 days with funeral arrangements. Was a real shocker as she was like second mother to me.

Somehow I seem to grow more and more socially adept, but also more and more bitter, introverted and cynical, at the same time. How's them shitz werk?

I don't know ... I guess as people become older they become more "open" so to speak ... and then you realize that most people are Ok and just trying their hardest to make a good life for themselves just like you ... for me, I guess from talking to people I realized that the "basic human struggle" is just that and is shared by everyone ... I think as you will come into your mid twenties things will make more sense. Just keep an open mind and try to surround yourself with different people, not only ones that think like you. Being in NY this was pretty easy for me, and while I did not consciously look for it, it made me realize that certain basic needs that common to all.

Sorry, just a little refelctive after these couple of tough days.