Mercury Rain call it quits...


Power Quest
Feb 16, 2003
It's been seven years since we started Mercury Rain, and we've had a what we reckon is a good run. We're proud of what we've achieved, touring in Europe with Therion, playing Bloodstock 2003, the Belgian MFVF3 and all the other shows we've played, the videos we made, the albums we've released, and above all, the friends we've made along the way. Seven years is a long time out of anyone's life. Circumstances change, priorities change, and if you're not fired up any more, it's just not going to happen. You have to want to be in a band to get anywhere, and if you not into it 100%, there's no point. A band is about sacrificing all your time, a lot of money, dealing with disappointment as well as success, and investing your emotions in everything you do. You make friends, you lose friends, and you hope that at the end it was worth it. For us it definitely was.
This is where we are right now, at a very low ebb. It is a sad day, and we are all feeling a bit lost, but deep down we know we are making the right decision, and it's time to switch off the light and close the door.

Thanks to everyone who made being in Mercury Rain such an amazing and unique experience.

Sonia, Dion, Roy, Claudio & Jon.
Christ! A random visit to the forum and I see this? A sad day indeed, was hoping I'd get to see you guys again this year, but as you say if your hearts not in it anymore theres no point dragging it out.

Best of luck to you all in any new ventures!

The choice is made, we just have to respect it...

Thanks for everything, for the good time we had on stage (it was short but intensive! :hotjump: ), and behind the scene too!

Never forget, and end may hide a new beginnig, sorry if it is not the right english terms! :p

Keep in touch! ;)
what a sad day.I remember the bloodstock set,what a stormer!I met jon and the rest of the band in the hotel after the gig and and were struck how down to earth and genuine these guys were.I purchased 'dark waters'from jon that day and was absolutely blown away by it.What gets to me is when a bunch of genuinely talented guys have to jack in when there is so much talentless crap out there really pisses me off.Anyway enough of my ranting and raving,good luck to all you guys in what ever you do,and jon thanks for putting the name 'hoare'on the map,there's not many of us left!
I am totally gutted. I was hoping to see MR play again soon. I have only seen them play at Bloodstock '03 and thought they were brilliant. It was one of the highlights. I also got to talk to Sonia afterwards and was delighted to find she was an "ordinary person", just like the rest of us.

But my favorite memory has to be standing outside the Birmingham Academy, in the pouring rain, queuing to get into 13th Day, with my MR T-shirt on of course. In front of me in the queue was Sonia. We had a good chat about this and that, a real treat. I was excited about the new direction the band was intending to take. Saddly that is not going to happen now.

I am also greatful to Jon, who slipped a little extra in the package when I ordered the MR T-shirt, just because it was Christmas and he was feeling generous. It is good to be able to re-live the Bloodstock performance again and again. Thanks.

You are all the best in my book. I hope you are happy and successful in whatever you do next.
Thanks for all the support guys - very much appreciated!

Nothing drastic has happened to cause this - just our personal circumstances have changed. Never say never, and although it looks unlikely at the moment, who knows what the future holds!

I visit the forum for the first time in ages and this... Noooooo:(:(:(

You had a good run and I'm very glad to have seen you live twice, thank you for 2 great albums and all the best with everything Guys (and Gal):D
A friend of mine told me this information yesterday... I'm sad indeed:ill:

Hope we'll hear from you guys very soon, I'm glad I managed to catch you live atleast once :)