Mercy Falls tracklist!


Mr. Bassman
Apr 19, 2008
Hey everyone!

The album is officially and finally done (sound-wise)!

Updates with photos and comments can be found on the webpage ( and also we have decided to publish the track list.

I'll post it here as well.

Mercy Falls
01 A New Beginning 3,05
02 There And Back (overture) 3,02
03 Welcome To Mercy Falls 5,11
04 Unbreakable 7,18
05 Tears For A Father 1,58
06 A Day Away 3,43
07 Tears For A Son 1,43
08 Paradise 5,44
09 Fall In Line 6,09
10 Break The Silence 9,29
11 Hide And Seek 7,46
12 Destiny Calls 6,17
13 One Last Goodbye 4,21
14 Back In Time 1,14
15 The Black Parade 6,57

total running time: 74,08
I look forward to the new album. :)
There are interesting titles on the track list and it's a long album.
Looks absolutely like a concept-album to me (song nr.2 - overture - kind of gives it away)............that's awesome!!
The story seems like some sort of familytragedy to me (a few songtitles have a dark vibe over them).....looks very interesting (of course, i could be way off :)).
I'm very anxious to get my hands on this cd!

Andreas, maybe a question too soon to ask but, is there any sight on a release-date for this beauty (right now you may be busy with the booklet and stuff)?
As i understand it, Waiting in the Wings had songs loosely based on concept, although none were tied together.

It does look like Mercy Falls will be a loose concept album based on tracklist, but if SW were going to do one, they probably would have mentioned it up front.

Can't wait to hear this though. Tracklist and song lengths have got me all kinds of excited. MF is pretty much the only album i'm holding out for this year.
Nice work on the chorus guys in Mercy Falls. What key change did you use? Nice layering of Tommy's voice. To the dude on the mixing board: Here's a right on, well done!!

Would like to see some Jen's vs. Yngwie action on your trading fours section in the song. Kyrt, are your chops up to the task? Johan, nice melodies!!

Grammy nomination material!!

Haven't they guys already stated that this should be a concept-album? At least that was clear in MY mind... perhaps a mere coincidence.. :lol: